Circular Optical Bandpass Filters Datasheets

1000.0 nm CWL, 10.0nm Bandwidth, 12.5 mm Diameter, Optical Bandpass Filter -- 100FS10-12.5
from Andover Corporation

Andover offers one of the most extensive listings of standard "off-the-shelf " interference filters in this industry. Wavelengths range from the ultraviolet through the near infrared and include many of the primary laser, mercury, biomedical and analytical spectral lines. Standard sizes... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Rectangular Width: 12.5
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 12.5
  • Thickness: 8.5
Optical Filters
from Dayoptics, Inc.

Filters are used for selecting or filtrating the specific wave band,they are widely used in optical instrument, industrial measurement, environment protection and many other applications.We can provides short pass filter,long pass filter,band pass filter ,color glass filter,etc. The dimension and... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Surface Quality: 60-40 Scratch / Dig
  • Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
Basic Laser (non-TIRF) Dual-band Filter Sets -- 59901 ET - 405/488nm Laser Dual Band Set
from Chroma Technology Corp.

Our Sputtered Dual Band Laser filter sets employ the same high-transmission, high-durability coatings as our other ET sets. These sets reflect two different laser wavelength ranges and consist of dual band transmission dichroics, dual band laser clean-up filters and dual band laser emission filters. [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular; Rectangular (optional feature)
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 25
  • Application: Visible
  • Thickness: 2.3 to 5
from CVI Laser Optics

Filters are used to control the wavelength or intensity of light.   The incredible breadth of filters available directly from CVI Laser Optics makes it easy to find the right balance between optical performance, laser damage threshold, reliability, and cost for your application.   Our... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 12.7 to 102
  • Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Minimum Peak Transmittance: 90 to 98
1000nm CWL, 10nm Bandwidth, 12.5mm Mounted Diameter -- NT65-768
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Available in UV, Visible, and IR Center Wavelengths. 10 80nm Bandwidths Available. Ideal for Biomedical Applications and Instrumentation Integration. 193-399nm, 400-499nm, 500-599nm, 600-699nm, 700-999nm, and 1000-1650nm CWL Options Available. TECHSPEC Traditional Coated Bandpass Interference... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Center Wavelength (CWL): 1000
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 12.5
  • Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM): 10
Order Sorting Filters
from Materion Corporation

Order Sorting Filters (OSF ’s) from Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings made with interference filter coatings can be provided in several different forms; as a coated substrate, as a patterned filter, or as a linear variable filter. Depending upon customer requirements... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular (optional feature); Square (optional feature); Rectangular (optional feature)
  • Application: Ultraviolet
Selectable Bandwidth Tunable Optical Filter -- TOF-SV
from Meadowlark Optics, Inc.

Meadowlark Optics is pleased to present its new tunable optical filter with user selectable bandwidth and a variable full width at half maximum (FWHM). By utilizing multiple liquid crystal variable retarders and polarizers, this tunable filter allows the user to switch between any wavelength from... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Center Wavelength (CWL): 420 to 730
  • Application: Visible
  • Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM): 12 to 39
Bandpass Filters
from Newport Corporation

Our Bandpass Filters pass a narrow spectral band of UV, visible, or NIR radiation and reject out-of-band wavelengths from the X-ray to the far IR. Applications include spectral radiometry, medical diagnostics, chemical analysis, colorimetry, astronomy, and wherever spectral isolation is required. [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular; Square
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 25.4 to 50.8
  • Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Rectangular Width: 50.8
Band Pass Filters -- F-BPF005
from Ross Optical Industries

These glass filters are used to selectively transmit certain wavelength range and block others or to reduce the amount of heat transmitted through the system. They are categorized into long pass filters, short pass filters, band pass filters, heat absorbing and neutral density filters. [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Thickness: 3
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 12.5
Interference Filters

Interference filters that use the interference effect to obtain spectral transmission are manufactured by depositing thin layers with different refractive indices onto a substrate. SCHOTT supplies standard and customized interference filters within the spectral range of 200 nm to 3,000 nm. These... [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 400
  • Application: Visible
  • Center Wavelength (CWL): 200 to 3000
Bandpass Filter -- BP-660-25.5
from StockerYale, Inc.

Center wavelengths of 532 nm, 635 nm, 660 nm, 670 nm, 780 nm, 830 nm [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Filter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 25.5
  • Application: Visible
  • Thickness: 4
Optical Filters - Biomedical
from Tower Optical Corporation

Tower custom filters cover applications for biomedical bandpass, narrow bandpass, broad bandpass or long pass. Using ion-beam sputtering together with volume manufacturing methods, Tower is able to offer cost-effective solutions. [See More]

  • Filter Shape: Circular
  • Application: Visible