Cement Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters Datasheets

High Power Polarizer Beamsplitter
from Dayoptics, Inc.

Features. High Power High Damage Threshold: ~15J/cm2 @ 1064nm 20ns, 20Hz (Certificate No. 13866#1 ). Green Optics. Epoxy-free! Optical Contacted. Transmission: >97% @ Central Wavelength (Tp >96%@355nm). Extinction Ratio: Better than 30dB for 1064nm. High Coating Performance. [See More]

  • Polarizer Construction: Cement
  • Transmission: 97
  • Side Length: 6.35 to 25.4
  • Wavelength Range: 355 to 1600
Glan Thompson Polarizer Beamsplitter
from Artifex Engineering

Glan-Thompson Polarizer Beamsplitter is made of two calcite prisms cemented together. As shown in the figure 1, the two output lights separate at 45 degree angle. It is suitable for is suitable for low to medium power application. Calcite polarizers can be used from 350 to 2300 nm. [See More]

  • Polarizer Construction: Cement
  • Beam Deviation: 180
  • Wavelength Range: 350 to 2300
  • Polarizer Features: Anti-Reflection Coating
Laser Line Beamsplitting Polarizer -- BP-050-λ
from Meadowlark Optics, Inc.

Right-angle prisms are matched in pairs to produce high quality laser line beamsplitting polarizers with superior wavefront quality in both transmission and reflection. The hypotenuse face of one prism is coated with a multilayer dielectric beamsplitting coating optimized for laser performance. Two... [See More]

  • Polarizer Construction: Cement
  • Transmission: 95
  • Side Length: 12.7
  • Wavelength Range: 523 to 1550
Polarizing Beam Splitter
from NDK

1. By using advanced processing and coating techniques,accurate polarization properties can be obtained. 2. Polarizing beam splitters with special polarization propertiesand polymorph can be manufactured upon request. 3. Polarized beam splitters bonded to a wavelength plate can bemanufactured. [See More]

  • Polarizer Construction: Cement
  • Wavelength Range: 400 to 2000
  • Side Length: 10
  • Polarizer Features: No Coating
Broadband Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters
from Newport Corporation

Broadband polarizing cube beamsplitters provide efficient polarization for use with multiple or tunable sources. Each polarizer consists of a pair of precision right-angle prisms carefully cemented together to minimize wavefront distortion. Extinction ratio >500:1, 1000:1 average. Superior... [See More]

  • Polarizer Construction: Cement
  • Wavelength Range: 420 to 1600
  • Side Length: 12.7 to 25.4
  • Polarizer Features: Anti-Reflection Coating
Polarized Cube Beam Splitter
from Spectral Optics

Spectral Optics provide various regular cube beamsplitters and polarizing cube beamsplitters that are deployed in extremely varied ways in optical systems, from beam sampling to color and polarization control. Cube beamsplitters split the input light into two 90 ˚ beams so they make it easy to... [See More]

  • Polarizer Construction: Cement; Mounted
  • Wavelength Range: 248 to 1550
  • Side Length: 12.7 to 25.4
  • Polarizer Features: No Coating; Anti-Reflection Coating