Achromatic Waveplates
from Artifex Engineering

Achromatic half or quater waveplates with a retardation tolerance of λ/100. Extremely broad wavelength range with only one optic. Specifications: Material: Birefringent Crystals. Wavefront distortion: λ /4 @ 632.8nm. Retardation Tolerance: λ /100. Parallelism: <10 arc second... [See More]

  • Retardation: Quarter (optional feature); Half (optional feature)
  • Wavelength Range: 450 to 2100
  • Polarizer Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature)
  • Material: Achromatic
Achromatic Retarders -- RQK6316
from Knight Optical Ltd.

Achromatic retarder - 62.6mm long.double 1/2wave. The Fresnel Rhomb is unique among retarders in giving a fractional-wave retardation nearly independent of wavelength, the variation due to change of index with wavelength being less than ±1% through the visible (450-700nm) and within... [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Material: Achromatic; BK7
Bare Polymer Retarder Film -- BH-050-?
from Meadowlark Optics, Inc.

Meadowlark Optics is pleased to present our Bare Polymer Retarder film. Our proprietary polymer film provides high retardance accuracy in a cost effective product which can be provided in almost any configuration and quantity. The temperature dependence of the nominal retardance is approximately... [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Wavelength Range: 400 to 1800
  • Polarizer Application: Infrared; Visible
  • Diameter: 12.7
Retardation Plates
from Qioptiq

Made of crystal quartz. Antireflective coating (R < 0.2 % at central wavelength). Wavefront distortion: λ/8 (at 632.8 nm). Surface quality: 2 x 0.063 (20/10 scratch and dig). Parallelism better than 1". Retardation tolerance λ/500 (typical). Type S: Single plate (multiple order). [See More]

  • Retardation: Quarter; Half
  • Polarizer Application: Infrared; Visible
  • Order: Zero; Multiple
  • Wavelength Range: 488 to 1064
Dual Wavelength Waveplate -- W-HPD212
from Ross Optical Industries

The low (multiple) order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of several full waves, plus the desired fraction. This results in a single, physically robust component with desired performance. However, even small changes in wavelength or temperature will result in significant changes in the... [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Polarizer Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Order: Multiple
  • Wavelength Range: 266 to 1550
1" Dia. Liquid Crystal Retarder 400-700nm Compensated -- NT63-039
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Electrically Controlled Retardance up to ½ λ. Manual or Computer Interface Control. Easy Mounting with 8-32 Tapped Hole. Liquid Crystal Variable Waveplates (Retarders) are constructed using precision polished, optically flat fused silica windows spaced a few microns apart. The cavity... [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Operating Temperature: 10 to 50
  • Wavelength Range: 400 to 700
  • Material: Nematic Liquid Crystal
Air-Spaced Zero Order Waveplate -- Model HWP-12.7CQ-0-* -527
from Lambda Research Optics, Inc.

1/2wave rotates plane 90, 1/4 wave changes linear to circular or opp, mount [See More]

  • Retardation: Quarter (optional feature); Half (optional feature)
  • Wavelength Range: 527
  • Order: Zero
  • Diameter: 12.7
Wavelength Plate -- Bonding Type
from NDK

The bonding-type plate enables the influence on phaseaccuracy caused by variations in optical rotation and the laserincident angle to be ignored. Therefore, it can be embedded inan optical system more easily. [See More]

  • Retardation: Quarter (optional feature); Half (optional feature)
  • Diameter: 5 to 10
  • Polarizer Application: Visible
  • Thickness: 0.5000 to 1
Achromatic Zero-Order Wave Plate -- 10RP42-1
from Newport Corporation

Superior broadband performance [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Polarizer Application: Visible
  • Order: Zero
  • Wavelength Range: 460 to 655
Achromatic Half Waveplate -- Model 1329
from Optarius

Retardation accuracy lambda/20 - uncoated - unmounted [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Wavelength Range: 400 to 700
  • Order: Multiple
  • Clear Aperture: 8
from Rolyn Optics Company

Spectral range 400 to 1000nm, deviation less than 1 minute of arc [See More]

  • Retardation: Half
  • Material: Mica
  • Wavelength Range: 400 to 1000