60-40 Scratch / Dig Plate Beamsplitters Datasheets

C-Mounted Plate Beamsplitter 30R/70T NIR -- NT49-687
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Simplifies Mounting and Alignment. Standard Female C-Mount Threaded Holes. Visible and NIR Coating Options Offered. Additional C-Mounted Beamsplitters, Filters, and Mirrors Available. TECHSPEC ® C-Mounted Plate Beamsplitters mount easily into any optical system via four C-mount threaded holes. [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 60-40 Scratch / Dig
  • Transmission: 70
IR Plate Beamsplitters
from Newport Corporation

Our Calcium Flouride and Zinc Selenide beam splitting plates are designed for use in the 2-14 um wavelength range. Coated with a multi-layer dielectric beamsplitter coating, the optics are optimized for IR use with a 50% +/- 10% splitting ratio. 50/50 beamsplitting for 2 to 14 micron wavelengths. [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 60-40 Scratch / Dig
  • Beamsplitter Shape: Circular
  • Beamsplitter Incidence: 45° Incidence
  • Beamsplitter Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length: 25.4 to 50.8