Square Mirror Mounts Datasheets

AMG Gimbal
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Continuous 360 degree rotation of azimuth and elevation including built-in slip ring. High accuracy angular position and rate capability. Direct-drive brushless servomotors result in zero backlash. Cog-free design for outstanding velocity stability. Accommodate loads up to 600 mm... [See More]

  • Shape: Circular (optional feature); Square (optional feature); Rectangular (optional feature)
  • Clear Aperture: 591
  • Adjustment Type: Gimbal
  • Maximum Thickness: 51
Prism Holder
from Qioptiq

To bond prisms, beamsplitter cubes or thin film polarizers with 10 x 10 mm dimensions. To insert in Cube N or Mounting plate N 16 [See More]

  • Shape: Square
  • Rectangular Width or Elliptical Minor Axis: 10
  • Diameter, Side Length, Elliptical Major Axis or Rectangular Length: 10
Kinematic Beam Steering Cube Top -- DFMT2
from Thorlabs, Inc.

Thorlabs' Beam Turning Cubes provide the ability to swap between transmissive and right-angle-deflected beam paths within a 30 mm Cage System. This cube is ideal for laser steering applications. Using the same innovative kinematic design as the Fluorescence Filter Cubes, the Beam Turning Cube... [See More]

  • Shape: Square
  • Diameter, Side Length, Elliptical Major Axis or Rectangular Length: 25.4
  • Adjustment Type: Kinematic