Thermistor Data Acquisition Systems and Instruments Datasheets

CO2/Temperature/Humidity Data Logger -- TR-76UI [TR-76UI from TandD US, LLC]
from CAS DataLoggers

The TR-76Ui data logger is a three-channel logger designed to simultaneously measure and record carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity. Making atmospheric pressure settings for the measurement location ensures more stable and accurate Carbon Dioxide measurements. The supplied... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input; Humidity, CO2
  • Data Logger: Datalogger
  • Analog Channels: 3
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount; Handheld
Dual-Channel Process Monitor -- DP3300
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Highly versatile, the DP3300 series is a dual input meter. The meter can either monitor two analog inputs or an analog input and a pulse input. On the analog channel, signals from thermocouples, RTD's, or thermistors are linearized and displayed in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Voltage and... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input; Tach
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • DC Voltage: 0 to 10 V
Remote Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control System -- RIDACS
from ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Remote Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control System. Distributed Input/Output is commonly used to reduce installation cost, " home-run" wiring, and potential noise interference. REMOTE ACCES pods installed in RIDACS systems let you install interfaces and control outputs close to the sensors and... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input; Bridge Input
  • Digital I/O Channels: 8
  • Analog Channels: 32
  • Resolution: 12
Analog Thermistor Input Module -- SNAP-AIR40K-4
from Opto 22

The SNAP-AIR40K-4 provides four channels of analog-to-digital conversion, ideal for thermistors used in HVAC applications or for reading the resistance of potentiometer input. Default range is 0-40 K Ohms; the module can also be configured for 0-20 K, 0-10 K, or 0-5 K Ohms. Resistance probes must be... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input; Resistance
  • Sampling Frequency: 0.0100
  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Accuracy: 0.1000
High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit -- SL1000
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

The Yokogawa SL1000 is the only data acquisition system that delivers independent, isolated channel hardware at 100MS/ch rates, with no compromise in bit resolution, memory depth, or streaming performance. [See More]

  • Inputs: Accelerometer Input (optional feature); Thermistor Input (optional feature); RTD Input (optional feature); LVDT (optional feature); Bridge Input (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 16
  • Analog Channels: 16
  • Isolation: Isolated