Vibration Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms Datasheets

HALT and HASS Time Compressor™ Chamber -- TC 1.5
from Cincinnati Sub-Zero

HALT & HASS Chambers. Accelerated Stress Testing. HALT and HASS Time Compressor ™ chambers provide extreme temperature & vibration capabilities used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to compress the time normally required to identify design and process weaknesses. HALT... [See More]

  • Parameters: Temperature; Vibration
  • Configuration: Floor
  • Type: Environmental Stability
  • Temperature Control: Heating; Cooling
HALT/HASS Environmental Chambers -- Typhoon 1.5
from QualMark Corporation

The Typhoon 1.5, with its 18 ” x 18 ” vibration table, is perfect for performing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) on small products, or where limited lab space is available. This compact system is built using Qualmark ’s Typhoon system technology which delivers impressive... [See More]

  • Parameters: Vibration; HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)
  • Temperature Control: Heating
  • Configuration: Floor
  • Ramp Rate: 60.0 to 100.0
AGREE Temperature Vibration Chambers, RBV Series
from Russells Technical Products

During transportation or at the site of the end user, a product will come under some type of vibration motion. Using vibration test chambers, manufacturers can determine if a product can withstand the rigors during its normal life span. Often, vibration testing is combined with another test criteria... [See More]

  • Parameters: Temperature; Humidity; Vibration
  • Configuration: Floor; Reach-In
  • Type: Environmental Stability
  • Temperature Control: Heating; Cooling
AGREE Combined Environment Test Chamber -- Model F-110-CHV-25-25
from Thermotron Industries

Thermotron combined environment test chambers, also known as AGREE Chambers, provide the flexibility to adapt to your changing test requirements. The chambers, available in temperature or temperature/humidity configurations, can be integrated with a Thermotron electrodynamic or repetitive shock... [See More]

  • Parameters: Temperature; Humidity; Vibration
  • Temperature Control: Heating; Cooling
  • Configuration: Floor
  • Temperature Range: -73 to 177
AGREE Series -- ET114
from ESPEC North America, Inc.

For years AGREE chambers have been the workhorses of the environmental test chamber industry. Originally created to meet military test standards, their flexible design has made them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Fast temperature changes of 5 to 25 °C/m. are possible, even with... [See More]

  • Parameters: Temperature; Humidity (optional feature); Vibration (optional feature)
  • Temperature Control: Heating; Cooling
  • Configuration: Reach-In
  • Temperature Range: -70 to 180

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