Monochrome Flat Panel Displays Datasheets

Vision Accessories -- PresencePLUS Monitors
from Banner Engineering Corp.

Overview. Displays inspection images in real time. Available in 8" diagonal flat-panel color monitor or 9" diagonal black and white video monitor. Permits adjustment of overall picture quality. Operates on 10 to 30V dc or 100 to 240V ac supply voltage, depending on model. Connects directly to... [See More]

  • Color: Black and White (optional feature); Color (optional feature); Monochrome (optional feature)
  • LCD Matrix Type: AMLCD
  • Monitor Type: LCD Display
  • LCD Technology: TFT
Generation 1 Barracuda PanelMount 6.4"–24.0" Sunlight Readable Sealed LCD Monitor
from General Digital Corporation

FEATURES. Ideal for industrial, military, marine, or any outdoor application exposed to nature ’s elements. Displays. Variety of standard display sizes and resolutions available from 6.4" to 24.0". Standard luminance, daylight readable, sunlight readable and NVIS-compatible displays. LED... [See More]

  • Color: Color; Monochrome
  • LCD Matrix Type: AMLCD
  • Monitor Type: LCD Display
  • LCD Technology: TFT
OLED Displays -- 554140
from RS Components, Ltd.

Type:Monochrome; Resolution:128 x 32; Display Size:57.02 x 15.18mm; Colour Depth:1; External Dimensions mm:62 x 24 x 2.0; Supply Voltage:+2.4 - +3.5, +12 - +13V; Operating Temperature Range:-30 - +70C; Interface Type:8 Bit 68XX/80XX Parallel,4-SPI,I2C; Features:COG, Zif type Connection [See More]

  • Color: Color; Monochrome
  • Input Types: 8 Bit 68XX/80XX Parallel,4-SPI,I2C
  • Monitor Type: OLED Display
  • Screen Resolution: 128 x 32
Transparent & Segment Electroluminescent
from Planar Systems, Inc.

See-through display technology that is ideal for applications that require an upscale, fresh new look with wide angle and crisp viewing characteristics. Perfect for transportation, premier pro-consumer electronics and architectural applications. Available in a standard module EL160.80.50. Easy to... [See More]

  • Color: Monochrome
  • Screen Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240)
  • Monitor Type: Electroluminecent Display
  • Diagonal Screen Size: 10.4
Transvideo CineMonitor HD8 SDI + Analog Evolution -- 917TS0049
from ZGC, Inc.

Transvideo CineMonitor HD8 SDI + Analog Evolution. 8" Hi-definition monitor for Digital Cinematography HD/SD SDI auto-sense & Analog inputs. Transvideo's proprietary processor in conjunction with RealFrame Rate, RFR, pocessing gives a crystal clear picture without aliasing or blur in motions. The... [See More]

  • Color: Black and White; Color; Monochrome
  • LCD Matrix Type: AMLCD
  • Monitor Type: LCD Display
  • Environmental Temperature: -4 to 131