Military DC-DC Converters Datasheets

High-Density DC-DC Converter
from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Excelitas designs and manufactures custom high density DC-DC converters with power levels up to 4 kW. Excelitas has more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing military and aerospace power supplies for high-reliability applications, using industry best practices in workmanship,... [See More]

  • Application: Military; Avionics
  • Efficiency: 95
  • Display: None
  • Minimum: 0.0600
DC to DC Converter -- BBF2803S
from MSK Products

Description. The BBF2800S series of DC-DC converters provides the ruggedness, reliability and features required to meet the advanced design challenges of today's hi-rel market. This has been accomplished using a package having very low thermal gradients, excellent hermeticity and high voltage... [See More]

  • Application: Military; Hi-Rel
  • Output Power: 20
  • Display: None
  • Efficiency: 66
DSF226 Series Filter and Surge Protection Module -- DSF226
from XP Power

DSF226 Series Filter & Surge Protection. DC-DC Converter. Up to 200 W Output Power. Active Surge Protection. MIL-STD 461 & DEF-STAN 59-411. MIL-STD 1275A-D. DEF-STAN 61-5 Part 6 Issue 6. MIL-STD 810. 3 Year Warranty [See More]

  • Application: Military; Instrumentation
  • Output Power: 200
  • Display: None
  • Efficiency: 97
DC-DC Converter -- PSA-1 Series
from Abbott Technologies, Inc.


  • Application: Military; Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module
  • Efficiency: 81
Mini Series -- MPD-810-ATX
from Arise Computer, Inc.

Industrial compact power supply, MTBF 180,000 Hrs per MIL - handbook 217F [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military (optional feature)
  • Display: None
  • Style: ATX; Open Frame
  • Output Power: 120
DCL 150 Series -- DCL 150S-4
from Behlman Electronics, Inc.

Low cost, highly reliable, switch mode units for industrial/MIL application [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military (optional feature); High End Industrial
  • Display: None
  • Style: Desktop; Module
  • Voltage: +2.5 V (optional feature); +3.3 V (optional feature); +5 V (optional feature); -5 V (optional feature); +12 V (optional feature); -12 V (optional feature); +15 V (optional feature); -15 V (optional feature); +24 V (optional feature); -24 V (optional feature); +28V (optional feature); -28 V (optional feature); +30 V (optional feature); -30 V (optional feature); +48 V (optional feature); -48 V (optional feature)
EIPS Industrial -CS DC Power System -- 95M815
from Efore, Inc.

Convection cool, advanced battery management, terminal based communication [See More]

  • Application: Military; Instrumentation
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display; Front LED
  • Style: Cabinet
  • Output Power: 1.8 to 14.4
Precision High Voltage DC/DC Converter Module -- D05
from LHV Power

Description: The LHV Power D-series precision high voltage power supplies offer 10 Watts of high voltage power in a package just 8 cubic inches. They are intended to be designed into customers equipment as a component. These units are available in one of two input voltage ranges: +11.5 to +15 VDC or... [See More]

  • Application: Military (optional feature); Instrumentation; Gamma Cameras, Spectroscopy
  • Device Type: High Voltage
  • Style: Module
  • Display: None
Power Conditioning Module -- Model 3168
from Netcom, Inc.

Custom power conditioning module, enable electronic circuit breaker [See More]

  • Application: Military; Telecommunications
  • Display: None
  • Style: Board
  • Output Power: 208
OnPower™ 20 -- PRV-0411X-02
from Parvus Corporation

PC/104 compatible, quad output [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military; Medical (optional feature); Telecommunications; Industrial, Transportation
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display
  • Style: Board
  • Number of Outputs: 4
DC/DC Converter -- DR1P5-05S05
from Pduke Technology, Inc.

PI type input filter, five-sided EMI shield [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military; Instrumentation; Laser; Medical; Telecommunications; Data Acquisition, Transportation
  • Device Type: High Frequency
  • Style: Board; Open Frame
  • Display: None
DC-DC Converter -- A_D - 1W [A_D - 1W from Mornsun Power]
from Power Partners

Ideally suited for digital signal processing circuits & analog circuits [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military; Instrumentation; Laser; Magnetic; Medical; Plasma; Telecommunications; General Application
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module
  • Output Power: 1
Boost Converter Module -- HDM-BT
from Rantec Power Systems Inc.

Rantec's HDM family of DC/DC converter modules, front-end power conditioning modules and EMI filter modules. offer the system designer the ability to purchase pre-packaged power solutions that can be integrated into their. system. We offer modules designed for either single phase AC or three phase... [See More]

  • Application: Military
  • Output Power: 185
  • Style: Module
  • Minimum: 50
MegaVerter® Series -- MV380-26
from RO Associates, Inc.

High efficiency, high density, "full brick" size, remote sense [See More]

  • Application: Military (optional feature); Instrumentation (optional feature); Telecommunications (optional feature); Commercial, Industrial
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module
  • Number of Outputs: 1
MilQor® -- MQFL-270-05S
from SynQor, Inc.

The MilQor ® series of high-reliability DC-DC converters brings SynQor's field proven high-efficiency synchronous rectifier technology to the Military/Aerospace industry. SynQor's innovative QorSeal ™ packaging approach ensures survivability in the most hostile environments. Compatible... [See More]

  • Application: Military; Aerospace
  • Device Type: High Current
  • Style: Board; Open Frame
  • Display: None
FlatPAC-EN -- FL Series VI-200
from Vicor Corporation

Maximum versatility and flexibility, CE, full, half, quarter brick sizes [See More]

  • Application: Military; Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module
  • Output Power: 200
25 Watt Military Power Supply -- 25MP STD SERIES
from XCEL Power Systems, Ltd.

bull; High Reliability. • Non Isolated. • Military Temperature. Range. • Short Circuit Protection. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 48V DC ± 10% Intermediate BUS Voltage. ¨ Single Output: +2.5 V DC ~ 15V DC (Max 25Watt or 5A max). ¨ Case Operating Temperature Range -55... [See More]

  • Application: Military
  • Output Power: 25
  • Display: None
  • Number of Outputs: 1