Spark or Arc Atomic Emission and Optical Emission Spectrometers Datasheets

OES Metal Analyzer -- FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert
from Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert - introduced in 2011, this analyser in the FOUNDRY-MASTER RANGE covers even elements like Lead, Selenium and LanthanumAll FOUNDRY-MASTER analysers strive to bring-out the optimum analysis work day after day. The robust, rugged and proven OES quality is common to all... [See More]

  • Excitation Source: Spark or Arc
  • Resolution: 0.0120
  • Wavelength Range: 130 to 800
  • Optical System: Polychromator
RDE-OES Spectrometer for Elemental Analysis, SpectrOil 100 Series -- 110E / 120C / 120F
from Spectro Scientific

The Spectroil Q100 is now the SpectrOil 100 Series, which includes the new 110 and 120 models. These analyzers deliver improvements in performance, stability and ease of use. SpectrOil Rotating Disk Electrode Optical Emission Spectroscopy (RDE-OES) is a proven means of precisely determining... [See More]

  • Excitation Source: Spark or Arc
  • Channels: 32
  • Wavelength Range: 203 to 810
  • Optical System: Polychromator
Optical Emission Spectrometers
from Bruker Corporation

Optical emission spectrometers (OES) and the measuring principal of the atomic emission is the ideal method and provide the perfect instrumentation for metal analysis in all different industrial businesses and environments. Metal producing industries like foundries, steel- copper-, aluminium plants,... [See More]

  • Excitation Source: Spark or Arc (optional feature)
  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface
  • Detector: Solid State (optional feature)
  • General Features: Portable (optional feature)
Mobile Arc Spark Metal Spectrometer
from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc.

Mobile metal analyzers have been used for over 30 years to conduct metal analysis onsite. The rapid development in instrument technology has led to significant advances in the application possibilities. As a technology leader, SPECTRO has markedly shaped and formed this development from the start. [See More]

  • Excitation Source: Spark or Arc
  • Detector: Solid State
  • Wavelength Range: 275 to 554
  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel