Serial Interface Atomic Emission and Optical Emission Spectrometers Datasheets

Blueshift Mini Spectrometer
from Knight Optical Ltd.

Knight Opitcal's Blueshift UV I fiber optically coupled mini spectrometer are designed for high performance measurements of the UV spectrum between 0.2-0.6 μm. The system uses a highly sensitive CCD detector with 2048 pixels to maximize measurement accuracy, fitted with a fast USB interface to... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Serial; Application Software Included.
  • Resolution: 0.4000
  • Wavelength Range: 200 to 1100
  • Detector: Solid State
Multitype ICP Emission Spectrometer -- ICPE-9000
from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Shimadzu┬┤s new simultaneous ICPE-9000 can be used in application stages for a wide range of high-precision analytical assessments from high-level R&D to environmental management analysis to high-concentration component analysis. The ICPE-9000 utilizes a large-scale CCD detector, an Echelle... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Serial
  • Resolution: 0.0100
  • Wavelength Range: 167 to 800
  • Excitation Source: Inductively-Coupled Plasma
Prism ICP
from Teledyne Instruments

In today ’s economy, we are challenged to do more with less. In the laboratory, this translates to processing more samples with fewer people, while spending less money on instrumentation, consumables and supplies. Often, when you compare analytical instruments, you find you must choose between... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Serial; Application Software Included.
  • Excitation Source: Inductively-Coupled Plasma
  • Wavelength Range: 175 to 400
  • Optical System: Polychromator