Digital Front Panel Fluorometers Datasheets

300 GM Fluorometer -- GM300
from Advanced Technical Services GmbH

The science behind this instrument has been proven in the field for decades; it was previously known as the Jarrell-Ash 300G-M (Galvanek - Morrison) Fluorometer. Today, this fluorescence based instrument, works with a highly developed internal hardware/software that makes this uranium analyzer ideal... [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Application Software Included.
  • Response Time: 5
  • Display: Digital Meter
Handheld XRF Analyzer -- X-MET8000 Smart
from Oxford Instruments

The smart choice for the rapid sorting of common alloys. Our handheld XRF Analyzer, the X-MET8000, delivers the speed and performance required even in the most demanding applications, by using the optimised combination of a high performance X-ray tube and a large area silicon-drift detector (SDD). [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Display: Digital Meter
  • Monitoring: Sample Monitoring
  • General Features: Portable
Laboratory Fluorometer -- TD-3100
from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

The TD-3100 is a low cost benchtop instrument that was developed to provide an alternative to industry standard oil and grease methods. Measure samples directly (non-extraction) or with solvent (i.e. hexane) extraction methods. Simple set-up and calibration. Low cost per sample analysis. Less than... [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Detector Type: Photomultiplier Tube
  • Lamp Type: Quartz Halogen
  • Response Time: 7
Fluorimeter for Heavy Metals Testing -- HF-38
from HF scientific

The HF scientific HF-38 Fluorimeter is an extremely sensitive, hand-held, ruggedized instrument designed for field testing of toxic heavy metal contaminates in water supplies. It requires no special skill or knowledge of chemistry to operate. This product is a breakthrough in efficiency, testing... [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Detector Type: Photomultiplier Tube
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Excitation Wavelength: 485
from Peak Process Controls Inc/Sigrist

Applications include oil leakage into condensate, wastewater, cooling water [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Detector Type: Other
  • Lamp Type: UV Light Source
  • Concentration Range: 1000
from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

The field-proven Thermo Scientific SOLA II Flare sulfur on-lineanalyzer continuously monitors the sulfur content in flare feeds,enabling immediate corrective action without lab analysis delays. Thishighly accurate analyzer features unparalleled response time and a widemeasurement range from 10 ppm... [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Monitoring: Continuous or Flow Through Monitoring
  • Response Time: 10
  • Remote Interface: Serial