Nut Self-sealing Fasteners Datasheets

SEELNUT® Self-Sealing Locking Nut -- 1/2-13
from APM Hexseal Corp.

APM's SEELNUTS are designed for use on all types of adjusting screws, threaded studs, and machine bolts in applications where leakage may occur due to extreme pressures. These seal nuts are installed like an ordinary nut, forming a high-pressure seal along the thread section and contact surface when... [See More]

  • Fastener Type: Nut
  • English Sizes: 1/2
  • Head Style: HexHead
  • Body Material: AlloySteel (optional feature); Brass (optional feature)
Prevailing Torque High Temp Locking Patch -- Nytemp®
from Nylok Corporation

Nytemp ® self-locking patch is comprised of high temperature polymer permanently bonded onto the threads of a fastener. When the Nytemp ® patch is engaged, it creates a wedge between the fastener and mating part, compressing the polymer and creating metal to metal contact opposite the patch. [See More]

  • Fastener Type: Screw/Bolt; Nut
Self Sealing Hex Nuts
from Sealtight Fastener

A Sealtight ™ fastener is a fastener sealing assembly primarily consisting of an o'ring sealing member and a fastener with a groove formed in the undersurface of the fastener head. The fastener is comprised of an enlarged fastener head with a groove formed in the undersurface of the head and a... [See More]

  • Fastener Type: Nut
  • English Sizes: 2; 4; 6; 8; 10; 1/4; 5/16; 3/8; 7/16; 1/2; 9/16; 5/8; 3/4; 7/8; 1
  • Head Style: HexHead
  • Body Material: AlloySteel; Brass (optional feature); Bronze (optional feature); Hastelloy (optional feature); Inconel (optional feature); Molybdenum (optional feature); StainlessSteel (optional feature)
Acorn Nuts
from ZaGO Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Z āGO has developed a process of permanently bonding a rubber element to the threads of any acorn nut to make it self-sealing and re-usable. The rubber element on the face of the nut is ideal for any environment where vibration is a concern because of its exceptional vibration resistance. [See More]

  • Fastener Type: Nut