Flat Head Self-sealing Fasteners Datasheets

SEELSKREW® Type SFR Phillips Recessed Flat Head Screw -- 1/4-20UNC-2A
from APM Hexseal Corp.

APM's SEELSKREWS are designed to both fasten and seal out air, water, lubricants and other liquid or gaseous contaminants. APM self-sealing screws which provide metal to metal contact are available in many standard thread sizes and with optional sealing materials. The sealing screws are vibration... [See More]

  • Head Style: FlatHead
  • Drive: Philips
  • Fastener Type: Screw/Bolt
  • English Sizes: 1/4
ND 360 Ring Patch
from ND Industries, Inc.

Provides excellent sealing and locking performance, inexpensive, mil-spec [See More]

  • Head Style: PanHead (optional feature); HexHead (optional feature); Fillister (optional feature); FlatHead (optional feature); SocketCap (optional feature); Oversized (optional feature); TamperProof (optional feature)
  • Drive: Slotted (optional feature); Philips (optional feature); Allen (optional feature); Special Six Lobe Head / Torx (optional feature)
  • Fastener Type: Screw/Bolt
  • English Sizes: 2 (optional feature); 3 (optional feature); 4 (optional feature); 5 (optional feature); 6 (optional feature); 8 (optional feature); 10 (optional feature); 12   (optional feature); 1/4 (optional feature); 5/16 (optional feature); 3/8 (optional feature); 7/16 (optional feature); 1/2 (optional feature); 9/16 (optional feature); 5/8 (optional feature); 3/4 (optional feature); 7/8 (optional feature); 1 (optional feature)