Snap Rivets Datasheets

Nylon Snap Rivet -- 27SR0012 [27SR0012 from Micro Plastics, Inc.]
from bisco industries

Micro Plastics Nylon Snap Rivet is designed for assemblies requiring fast and economical fasteners that can be installed without tools. The 2 Piece Molded Fastener comes assembled ready for use. The Rivet is placed in the hole and the smooth, oversized head is pressed. The specially designed legs... [See More]

  • Rivet Type: Plastic; Snap
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.1220
  • Head Type: Universal
  • Grip Range / Length: 0.1220 to 0.1600
Rivets -- 36-3440-ND [3440 from Keystone Electronics Corp.]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Rivet Type: Snap
  • Grip Range / Length: 0.0510 to 0.0790
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.0760
  • Head Diameter: 0.1650
Nylon Panel Snap Rivet -- 3440
from Keystone Electronics Corp.

"A " Barrel O.D.: .078 [1.9]. For Panel Thickness: .051 - .079. Length: 0.132. Color: Black. Head Diameter: .165 [4.2]. Material: Nylon 6/6-V-2 [See More]

  • Rivet Type: Snap
  • Head Diameter: 0.1650
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.0780
  • Material: Plastic; Nylon
Snap Rivets
from TFC Ltd.

Neat double - sided appearance. Unique two - piece design. Securely connects flat panels. Ideal for rigid and compressible materials. Material: Nylon 66. Colour: Black, Clear. Minimum pull out force 18Kqf as moulded [See More]

  • Rivet Type: Snap
  • Material: Nylon
  • Head Type: Round/Snap
1/16 Mini Rivet Quick Binders, Nylon, Natural -- APQBMMR125062N
from Ark-PlasĀ® Products, Inc.

Ark-Plas ® offers a complete line of reusable and permanent Quick Binding Hardware. Quick Binders feature Rapid Assembly Post and Screw, Ratchet Assembly Post and Screw, Ratchet Fasteners, Quick Bind Stack-Loks ™, and Nylon Mini Rivets. All assemblies are easy to use and do not require any... [See More]

  • Rivet Type: Snap
  • Head Diameter: 0.5000
  • Head Type: Dome/Button
  • Material: Plastic; Nylon