Level Controller Pump Controllers Datasheets

Low Level Cut Off with Pump Control -- LWC-720 Series
from Gems Sensors & Controls

Internal Mounting. Includes Pump Control Switch, Logic and Relay. Meets CSD1 Requirements. U.L. Recognized "Limit Control". Compact Size. Options Include: Manual Reset, Power Outage Feature, and Test Feature. Gems LWC-720 is designed for boiler low-water cutoff protection, and offers the most... [See More]

  • Controller Type: Level
  • Form Factor: Board
  • Control: Limit
  • Control Signal: Switched Output
Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller -- PSL 5.0
from Greyline Instruments, Inc.

Controls, Transmits and Displays. Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensor. New Dual-Technology Feature. - Redundant Level Sensor Input. 6 Relays for Pump Control, Pump Alternation and Level Alarms. Isolated 4-20mA output. Built-in 5-Key Calibrator. Logs and Displays Relay Run Times. New Pump and Lift... [See More]

  • Controller Type: Level
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone
  • Features: PLC (optional feature); Datalogger (optional feature); Rate Indication/ Control; Totalizing (Length or Roll Diameter) Indication/ Control
  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
Chemically Resistant Sensor -- ToughSonic CHEM 10
from Senix Corporation

The ToughSonic CHEM 10 is a chemically resistant ultrasonic sensor designed for applications where corrosive liquids or gasses are present, but it is an excellent choice for benign environments as well. With a maximum range of 10 feet (3 meters), it is the smallest sensor in the ToughSonic CHEM... [See More]

  • Controller Type: Flow; Level
  • Features: Datalogger; Is a Chart Recorder; PC-Based (optional feature)
  • Control: Limit; Linear
  • Interface: Computer Programmable; Network
Electronic Fluid Level Controller -- ELC-9-1-GR10Q
from ACT Sensors/Advanced Control Technology, Inc.

Multifunction, controls liquid levels in up to four tanks w/ single control [See More]

  • Controller Type: Level
  • Form Factor: Rack; Snap Track Available
  • Control: Limit
  • Type: AC Voltage
High Accuracy Process Controller -- 900 Series
from Florite International, Inc.

The 900 Series is an economic one loop microcomputer-based instrument incorporating user selectable digital and analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs.  Other 900 Series features include .005% high accuracy PID, batch, and dose control functions. Additionally, the 900 Series encompasses... [See More]

  • Controller Type: Flow; Level; Pressure
  • Features: PLC; Multi-Function; Datalogger; Is a Chart Recorder; Rate Indication/ Control; Totalizing (Length or Roll Diameter) Indication/ Control
  • Control: Limit; Linear; Feedforward; PID
  • Form Factor: Board (optional feature); Chassis; Rack; Stand-Alone; Wall Mount

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