Digital Front Panel Pump Controllers Datasheets

Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller -- PSL 5.0
from Greyline Instruments, Inc.

Controls, Transmits and Displays. Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensor. New Dual-Technology Feature. - Redundant Level Sensor Input. 6 Relays for Pump Control, Pump Alternation and Level Alarms. Isolated 4-20mA output. Built-in 5-Key Calibrator. Logs and Displays Relay Run Times. New Pump and Lift... [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Features: PLC (optional feature); Datalogger (optional feature); Rate Indication/ Control; Totalizing (Length or Roll Diameter) Indication/ Control
  • Controller Type: Level
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone
Electrodeless Conductivity Controller -- WEC410
from Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc

The WEC/WDEC410 Series Single and Dual Input Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers measure conductivity of a solution via an encapsulated, non-contacting sensor to control replenishment pumps and alarms. They may be installed in a variety of very harsh chemical control applications, including oily... [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Features: Multi-Function
  • Control: Limit (optional feature); PID (optional feature)
  • Form Factor: Chassis
Multi Filing System Controller -- MC12
from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

MC12 is the heart of Flexicon's Multi Filling System. MC12 is capable of simultaneous control of up to 16 individual Flexicon filling stations of the same or of a different type. EASY TO CLEAN. No difficult corners or angles to clean, the MC12 is constructed. of purely plain surfaces. USER-FRIENDLY. [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone
  • Features: Multi-Function; Datalogger
  • Type: Serial / Digital Input
High Accuracy Process Controller -- 900 Series
from Florite International, Inc.

The 900 Series is an economic one loop microcomputer-based instrument incorporating user selectable digital and analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs.  Other 900 Series features include .005% high accuracy PID, batch, and dose control functions. Additionally, the 900 Series encompasses... [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel; Computer Programmable; Network
  • Control: Limit; Linear; Feedforward; PID
  • Controller Type: Flow; Level; Pressure
  • Features: PLC; Multi-Function; Datalogger; Is a Chart Recorder; Rate Indication/ Control; Totalizing (Length or Roll Diameter) Indication/ Control
Monitoring system -- MAS 711
from Flygt, a Xylem brand

MAS 711 is a monitoring system aimed for large and medium sized Flygt pumps. Its main duty is to monitor and protect a pump and to record measurement results from sensors and measurement modules. In case an abnormal condition occurs, MAS 711 can stop the pump and emit an alarm. Information about the... [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel; Web
  • Form Factor: Wall Mount
  • Features: Multi-Function
  • Inputs: 10
Suction Controller
from Lutz - JESCO America Corp.

If placed close to metering pump ’s inlet, pump will always see the same suction pressure, thus the same volume is provided to the pump. If placed close to tank, spilling will be avoided in case of suction line rupture [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Control: Other; Spring Loaded Diaphrag
  • Controller Type: Flow; Pressure
  • Features: Multi-Function
Pump Controller -- E700
from Price Pump Company

VFD Drive - 1/8 to 20 HP; cost effective; simple to use [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel; Computer Programmable (optional feature); Network (optional feature); Web (optional feature)
  • Features: PLC (optional feature); Multi-Function (optional feature); Datalogger; PC-Based (optional feature)
  • Control: Limit; PID; Other (optional feature)
  • Form Factor: DIN (optional feature); Stand-Alone (optional feature)
MPC Series
from Pulsafeeder, Inc.

Expands the flow range capability of pumps [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Form Factor: Chassis
  • Control: Limit
  • Type: Current Loop (Transmitter) Excitation
FlowLogic™ -- SFE-1000
from Sullair Corporation

Flow pressure control, max flow 1000 SCFM [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Control: Limit
  • Controller Type: Pressure
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone
Precision Volume Dosing Unit -- eco-CONTROL EC200-B
from ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

The new control unit, eco-CONTROL EC200-B, made by ViscoTec offers the precision-volume dosing unit of the ecoPEN series many application possibilities. The unit is microprocessor-controlled. It is simple to operate, without submenu, and has graphic support. External signals can be connected via I/O... [See More]

  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Features: Rate Indication/ Control
  • Controller Type: Flow
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone