AT 5mm Timing Belts (metric) Datasheets

AT5-10 Series -- 32 73 000
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

The accurate meshing of the belt teeth with the teeth of the input and output pulleys ensures positive synchronous power transmission. Slag and the resulting speed variations are excluded and a constant angular velocity is guaranteed. In conjunction with the AT profles it is possible to reach... [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: AT 5mm
  • Belt Material: Polyurethane
  • Belt Width: 10
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced; Wound Stainless Steel
Industrial Timing Belt
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Industrial Timing Belt [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: T 2.5mm; T 5mm; T 10mm; T 20mm; AT 5mm; AT 10mm; AT 20mm
  • Belt Material: Rubber
AT5 Urethane Steel Belt -- 10 AT5
from Belt Corporation of America

AT5 pitch, 450 mm min. welded belt length, 50 or 100 m standard roll length [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: AT 5mm
  • Belt Material: Urethane
  • Belt Width: 10
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced (optional feature); Kevlar® (optional feature)
Double Moulded PU Timing Belts
from Bervina Ltd.

Pu cover moulded onto the basic belt directly, giving smooth running and strong bounding between the belt and the cover. Using different PU compounds can be produced multi durometer and/or multi colour belts. [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: T 2.5mm; T 5mm; AT 5mm
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced; Kevlar®; Polyester; Steel; Inox
  • Belt Material: Polyurethane
10 AT5-DL/1020 BFX
from BRECOflex Co., L.L.C.

Available nylon facing-one tooth side only [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: AT 5mm
  • Belt Length: 1020
  • Belt Width: 10
  • Number of Teeth: 204
Urethane Base Belt
from F.N. Sheppard & Co.

Backings can be applied to  outside of Base Belts.   F.N. Sheppard would like to assist in the selection and design process.   Select the Base Belt and  then let us know your application and thoughts, we can then give  you suggestions and advise on choosing the Additional... [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: T 2.5mm (optional feature); T 5mm (optional feature); T 10mm (optional feature); T 20mm (optional feature); AT 5mm (optional feature); AT 10mm (optional feature); AT 20mm (optional feature)
  • Belt Material: Urethane
AT Profile Belts -- 100AT5**
from Gates Mectrol

Nylon teeth, back, both sides, heavy backing available, optional FDA/USDA [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: AT 5mm
  • Minimum Pulley Size: 15
  • Belt Width: 100
  • Belt Material: Urethane