Music / Audio Systems Speakers Datasheets

Speakers -- RF Series
from RDI, Inc.

Speaker sizes range from 27x17x3 mm to 60x32x8 mm [See More]

  • Application: Aerospace or Aircraft; Automotive; MusicAudio
  • Maximum Power: 10
  • Nominal Power: 0.2000
  • Frequency Response: 5000 to 10000
Powered Speakers -- PH3-S Powered Speakers
from AUDIX Corporation

Compact Powered Speakers - 20 watts stereo - 3 1/2 inch two-way. The Powerhouse series self powered speakers have been serving the professional audio industry for over 10 years. Although simple in design, they represent the latest advances in technology, utilizing hybrid amplifier components and... [See More]

  • Application: MusicAudio
  • Sensitivity: 87
  • Impedance: 4
  • Frequency Response: 100 to 20000

80 watt speaker (small, but full range of sound) [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Consumer Electronics / Gaming; MusicAudio
  • Maximum Power: 80
AudioMaster® 8 Watt Ceiling Speaker -- Model AMR6-100
from Federal Signal Corporation/Industrial Systems

The Federal Signal Model AMR6 is a high –quality ceiling speaker for public address and music in industrial, municipal and commercial office environments. Power handling for the AMR6 is eight watts with transformer taps at 8, 4, 2 and 1 watts. The AMR6 –2570 operates in 25 or 70Vrms... [See More]

  • Application: Loudspeaker; MusicAudio
  • Nominal Power: 8
  • SPL: 85
  • Maximum Power: 8
Concave Speaker -- SWV-28S10.3-4N2R
from MynTahl Corporation

Plastic frame, ndfeb magnet, low fo, high watt, multimedia [See More]

  • Application: MusicAudio; Telephone or Voice Communication
  • Nominal Power: 2
  • SPL: 85
  • Maximum Power: 3
Dynamic Speaker -- SAC-30C-45-L70
from Star Micronics America

With its extremely robust design and mesh cover to protect the diaphragm, the SAC speaker series is the perfect solution for automotive applications. This speaker series was designed specifically to produce automotive alerts and tick-tock sounds. The SAC series has a high SPL and delivers clear,... [See More]

  • Application: Automotive; Computer; Consumer Electronics / Gaming; MusicAudio; Paging; Telephone or Voice Communication; Medical Equipment
  • Nominal Power: 0.2000
  • SPL: 86
  • Maximum Power: 0.4000
Anchor Audio AC Powered Portable Speaker Monitor with.. -- AN-130

AC Powered Portable Speaker Monitor is a light-weight, easy to use system that fills the room with your voice. The AN-130 is ideal for use with a video projector, PC, or CD/DVD. player. Portable Speaker Monitor Features: - Magnetically Shielded Speaker for AV Use. - Reach Crowds of 100 plus. - 101... [See More]

  • Application: MusicAudio; Paging
  • Features: Wireless
100 mm (4 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers -- 80241
from TMP Pro Distribution

Commercial Series affordable loudspeakers provide excellent performance for paging and background music applications including retail stores, restaurants, schools and other public facilities. High sensitivity ceiling speakers provides maximum sound level even at low tap settings, and wide dispersion... [See More]

  • Application: MusicAudio
BC Tweeter, 1" (25 mm), fabric dome, 4-hole faceplate, 4 ohm -- BC25TG15-04
from Tymphany Corporation

Peerless Gold Tweeters (BC25TG15-04). BC Tweeter, 1" (25 mm), fabric dome, 4-hole faceplate, 4 ohm [See More]

  • Application: MusicAudio
  • Sensitivity: 93.2
  • Nominal Power: 50
  • Resonance Frequency: 1130

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