Multiple Conductor Busbars Busbars and Busways Datasheets

Compact Igbt Bus Bar
from Mersen

This unique laminated IGBT bus bar delivers low-inductance DC power withina confined area. The design also includes six separate bus bars arranged asAC output with in-line diode connections. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Multiconductor
  • Voltage Ranges: 600VDC / 150 VAC
  • Voltage Configuration: Other
  • Amp Rating: 120 to 220
Bus Bars
from Amphenol PCD

Qualified to EN 3661, Amphenol Pcd's Bus Bars (Series 3250) are designed and developed for power and interface distribution. Offered in multiple styles and configurations, Amphenol Bus Bars are robust, reliable, and produced with the highest quality. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor; Multiconductor
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder
Distribution Box -- DB
from Lithonia Lighting

Used to interface between Reloc and hardwiring in access floor applications [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Multiconductor
  • Busbar (Conductor) Material: Copper
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder
  • Voltage Configuration: Single Phase
Busbars -- Big Breaker Plus Busbar
from MidNite Solar, Inc.

8 studs for multiple paralleled battery strings. Breaker is sold separately. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Multiconductor
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder
Linergy Power Busbar -- BS Series
from Schneider Electric, Automation & Control

A complete range of vertical, horizontal, insulated, rear/multistage, and multi-standard power busbar. Linergy BS : Traditional copper busbars, up to 4000 A. Multiple possibilities for installation : rear, lateral, multi-staged, horizontal or vertical installation. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Multiconductor
  • Amp Rating: 160 to 630