Single Conductor Busbars Busbars and Busways Datasheets

ADP Busbars -- 1LB158-25A
from Altech Corp.

The Altech Busbar System is an innovative way to jumper up to 57 poles of Miniature Circuit Breakers. Features: 1 or 2 Phase Available. Max Temperature 158F. Insulated with PVC [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor
  • Voltage Ranges: 600
  • Voltage Configuration: Single Phase
  • Amp Rating: 25
Copper Steel Laminate, Conductor Bar, 10ft -- 11008
from Conductix-Wampfler

10' conductor length, rigid PVC cover, CSA approved, copper steel laminate [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor
  • Busbar (Conductor) Material: Other
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder (optional feature); Outdoor Feeder (optional feature)
  • Amp Rating: 250
Copper Tubing & Tubular Bus Conductors
from Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc. (FCX)

Tubular Bus Conductors and heavy wall copper tubing are hollow copper profiles manufactured to provide internal cooling for high current density conductors for industrial/induction heating and advance magnets. Freeport McMoRan Bayway Operations offers copper tubing in a full complement of standard... [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor
  • Busbar (Conductor) Material: Copper
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder
Bus Bars -- BBS & BBP Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

High-temperature wire and bus bars are recommended for connections to heater terminals and for runs in heated zones. When ambient temperature exceeds the maximum allowed for insulated wire, use a bus bare wire or a bar with porcelain insulators. Current-carrying capacities should be carefully noted. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor
  • Amp Rating: 9 to 28
  • Busbar (Conductor) Material: Other
Bus Bars
from Amphenol PCD

Qualified to EN 3661, Amphenol Pcd's Bus Bars (Series 3250) are designed and developed for power and interface distribution. Offered in multiple styles and configurations, Amphenol Bus Bars are robust, reliable, and produced with the highest quality. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor; Multiconductor
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder
CADWELD® Rail and Industrial Products -- CADWELD® Connections (High Current Busbars)
from ERICO

The CADWELD ® process is a method of making welded electrical connections of aluminum to aluminum, copper to copper, and copper to steel in which no external sources of heat, such as electricity or gas, are required. Features. Connections can be made to any size or shape of conductors including:... [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor
  • Busbar (Conductor) Material: Aluminum
  • Busway Type: Indoor Feeder
Linergy Device Feeders -- FC Series
from Schneider Electric, Automation & Control

A complete range of device feeders for connecting the devices all along the rows whatever the enclosure you choose. Linergy FC : Optimized distribution dedicated to Compact NSX and INS 250 A, up to 800 A. [See More]

  • Busbar Type: Single Conductor
  • Amp Rating: 675 to 800

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