Automated Monochromators Datasheets

FUV Monochromators -- H20-UVL
from HORIBA Scientific

Based on a single holographic concave aberration corrected grating, the H20-UVL is a monochromator covering the range 100-600 nm. His extremely compact design is ideal for lighting samples or making low resolution measurement when equipped with a single channel detector. A spectrograph version for... [See More]

  • Monochromator Type: Automated
  • Wavelength Range: 120 to 550
  • Interface: USB
  • Wavelength Resolution: 0.1000
Mechelle -- ME 5000
from Andor Technology plc.

Patented optical design, CCD detector [See More]

  • Monochromator Type: Automated
  • Wavelength Range: 200 to 950
  • Monochromator Features: Fiber Optic
  • Focal Length: 190
1/4m Imaging Spectrograph -- 77480 MS260i™
from Newport Corporation

Triple, individually replaceable, simultaneously mounted gratings [See More]

  • Monochromator Type: Automated
  • Monochromator Features: Nitrogen Purge
  • Interface: IEEE-488 & RS-232
  • Monochromator Design: Asymmetrical, in-plane Czerny-Turner