Digital Field Intensity Meters Datasheets

Wireless field strength testing tools -- EPM 300 EN868
from steute

Features/Options. Only suitable for EnOcean ® wireless technology. Mobile field strength indicator for link range testing. To measure and indicate the electrical field strength. The battery is not included in the delivery, requires. an AA/LR91 lithium battery. Repeater mode can be selected [See More]

  • Frequency Range: 8.68E8
Cup Faraday -- 284-22B [284-22B from Monroe Electronics, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

Monroe 284/22B is a Faraday Cup for use with the 284 Nanocoulombmeter to allow direct charge measurements. Measures 6 " in diameter x 6.8 " deep. [See More]

AC Electric Field Meter
from AlphaLab, Inc.

This meter measures AC electric field in the vertical direction (same direction as the long axis of the meter). It has a wide frequency range (40 Hz - 20 KHz) and high accuracy (+/-2% of reading +/- 1 count) with an electric field strength range of 19 999 V/m and resolution of 1 V/m. The sensor is... [See More]

  • Electric Field: 1 to 19999
  • Options & Features: Auto-ranging
  • Frequency Range: 40 to 20000