Pressure Humidity Transmitters Datasheets

Chilled Mirror Hygrometer -- CR-5
from Buck Research Instruments, LLC

The CR-5 is a chilled mirror hygrometer that uses a 3-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to enable frost point measurements of as low as –60 °C, under favorable ambient conditions. It is configured as a transmitter module with an external sensor connected by cable up to 9 feet in length. [See More]

  • Variables Measured: Relative Humidity (optional feature); Moisture Content; DewPoint; Pressure (optional feature); Temperature (optional feature)
  • Relative Humidity Accuracy: 0.2000
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0.0100 to 100
  • Dew Point Range: -76 to 140
Dew point/humidity transmitter -- DewTrak II MO
from Edgetech Instruments Inc.

The Edgetech Instruments Model DewTrakII MO dew point/humidity transmitter is an optical chill mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content and Barometric pressure in octane testing process. It is used to monitor and ensure compliance with test standards ASTM D2700, D2699,... [See More]

  • Variables Measured: Relative Humidity; DewPoint; Pressure
  • Electrical Outputs: Current
  • Display: Digital Readouts or Indicators
  • Digital Outputs: Serial Interface
Environmental/Process Air Transmitter -- HX80 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

HX80 Series is a family of humidity probes that offers a variety of measurement parameters with precision accuracy: RH, temperature, dew point, pressure (psia), ppmv, ppmw, gr/lbs, etc. The probe is easily adaptable for most applications including high temperature and high pressure conditions. [See More]

  • Variables Measured: Relative Humidity; DewPoint; Pressure; Temperature
  • Relative Humidity Accuracy: 1
  • Relative Humidity Range: 5 to 95
  • Dew Point Range: -76 to 86
HVAC Pressure and Temperature/Humidity Sensors and Switches, ExCos/ExBin Range
from Rotork plc

ExCos modulating sensors and ExBin binary switches are designed for use in hazardous areas. No additional modules in the panel required. No intrinsically safe wiring required. All parameters adjustable on site without additional tools or measuring devices. Sensors and switches for pressure, delta... [See More]

  • Variables Measured: Relative Humidity; Pressure; Temperature
  • Operating Temp: -4 to 122
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0.0 to 95
  • Display: Digital Readouts or Indicators
Multiparameter Transmitter -- DPT145
from Vaisala

First transmitter to offer online measurement of seven SF6 parameters in one unit. Measured parameters: dew point, pressure, temperature. Calculated parameters: SF6 density, normalized pressure, dew point in atmospheric pressure, ppm. Saves time and money across the board, from investment and... [See More]

  • Variables Measured: DewPoint; Pressure; Temperature
  • Dew Point Accuracy: 5.40
  • Dew Point Range: -58 to 86
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 140