Rotary Power Frequency Converters Datasheets

CF11M: CF rotative frequency converter -- 1909672
from Atlas Copco USA

The Atlas Copco rotative frequency converters are equipped with one, two or four outlets. Designed with a permanent magnet, this new generation of generators is lighter and more stable than those using carbon brush technology. Features & benefits. Permanent magnet generator lighter than with carbon... [See More]

  • Converter Type: Rotary
  • Input Voltage: 230
  • Form Factor: Mobile
  • Output Voltage: 42
FC Series -- Model 120Vac 400 Hz
from Exeltech

The EXELTECH frequency converter is operated by simply plugging in the supplied cord to the power input, connecting the load to the output plug provided, and turning the unit on. [See More]

  • Converter Type: Rotary
  • Frequency Conversion: 60-400
  • Form Factor: Rack Mount
  • Phase Conversion: 1:1
from Visicomm Industries

Sinewave output; overload; overall efficiency 91% [See More]

  • Converter Type: Rotary
  • Frequency Conversion: 50-60
  • Form Factor: Floor Mount
  • Phase Conversion: 3:3