Glass Tubing Tubing Datasheets

Glass Capillary Tubes
from Accu-Glass

Accu-Glass manufactures custom designed small diameter thin-walled precision glass tubing which, by design, exhibits capillary action. Capillary action is the movement of a liquid into a tube based on its surface tension. Heavy-wall or thin wall capillary tubing can be color coded to designate... [See More]

  • Type: Glass
  • Outside Diameter: ? to 0.125
  • Design Units: English
  • Inside Diameter: 0.001 to 0.020
AR-GLAS® Glass Tubing
from SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Glass Tubing

Soda lime silicate glass. Pharmaceutical primary packaging, general technical application [See More]

  • Type: Glass
  • Shape: Round
  • Design Units: Metric
  • Color / Clarity: Clear
Deactivated Tubing -- 9120-0100
from Abel Industries Canada Ltd.

Deactivated fused silica tubing is commonly used as retention gap and guard column or sample transfer line. They can prolong analytical column life, as they trap most "dirty" or undesired compounds. Our standard deactivation method is methyl siloxane deactivation. We also can offer other... [See More]

  • Type: Glass
  • Outside Diameter: 0.013
  • Design Units: Metric
  • Inside Diameter: 0.008
Clear Gage Glass -- Model-Clear 500
from Ernst Flow Industries

Made in lengths up to 144" [See More]

  • Type: Glass
  • Outside Diameter: 0.375 to 1.500
  • Design Units: English
  • Shape: Round
246 040 080
from Pegasus Glass

Pegasus with the brand SIMAX are committed to providing the absolute best quality most diverse and extensive offering of 3.3 Borosilicate Glass Tubing and Rod in the industry. We have recently added 61 NEW sizes to our standard offering. Our literature and warehouse have over 330 standard sizes... [See More]

  • Type: Glass; Structural
  • Design Units: Metric
  • Material: Borosillicate
  • Outside Diameter: 0.157

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