Titanium Nuts Datasheets

All Metal Reusable Slotted Self-Locking Hexagon Nut -- THM040070
from J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems Inc.

All metal reusable slotted self-locking hexagon nut. [See More]

  • Material: Bronze (optional feature); Brass (optional feature); Exotic Metals (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Titanium (optional feature)
  • Size: M4
  • Type: Hex Nut; Locknut; Other; Slotted Locknut
  • Finish: Anti-Galling Coating (optional feature); Galvanized (optional feature); Nickel Plated (optional feature); Zinc Plated (optional feature); Zinc Chromate (optional feature); Self-Color, Pass., Anti-Galling, Geomet
Hexagon Nut -- SHNT-M10 [SHNT-M10 from Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha (NBK)]
from Alliance for Precision Systems, Div of TPA, LLC

For use in lightweight applications, completely non-magnetic [See More]

  • Material: Exotic Metals; Titanium
  • Size: M10
  • Type: Hex Nut
  • Thread Direction: Right Hand

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