Square Nut Nuts Datasheets

Square Nut CL.4 Steel Zinc DIN562, M2.5X.45 -- M53069
from Mountz, Inc.

General Information: Made of steel. Mainly used for screw and bolts with property class of 4.6 or lower. Clear Zinc Finish. *Note: A higher class nut can be used on a lower grade bolt [See More]

  • Type: Square Nut
  • Material: Steel
  • Size: M2.5
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
837262 [837262 from RS Components, Ltd.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Type:Square Pressed; Material:Mild Steel; Colour-Finish:Bright Zinc Plated; Thread Size:M3; Thread:Metric [See More]

  • Type: Square Nut
  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Size: M3
  • Finish: Zinc Chromate
Square Roofing Nuts - Metric
from TFC Ltd.

Material: Steel. Finish: Zinc & Clear. Dimensions: mm [See More]

  • Type: Square Nut
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Material: Steel
Threaded Nut -- Square 1-8
from Bedford Reinforced Plastics, Inc.

Bedford Reinforced Plastics, Inc.'s threaded rodand nuts are manufactured using premiumvinylester resin containing UV inhibitors [See More]

  • Type: Square Nut
  • Material: Plastic; FRP; Fire Retardant Vinylester
  • Size: 1"
  • Thread Direction: Right Hand
Heavy Square Nuts
from Dyson Corporation (The)

Heavy Square Nuts. Heavy Semi-Finished Nuts are smooth forged, side faces and crown as forged and washer faced. The washer face is at right angles to the threaded hole within a tolerance of one degree; therefore the maximum run out of the bearing surfacer equals the tangent of the specified angle,... [See More]

  • Type: Square Nut
  • Material: Exotic Metals (optional feature); Monel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Hardened Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature)
  • Size: 1/2" (optional feature); 5/8" (optional feature); 3/4" (optional feature); 7/8" (optional feature); 1" (optional feature); 1 1/8" (optional feature); 1 1/4" (optional feature); 1 3/8" (optional feature); 1 1/2" (optional feature); 1 3/4" (optional feature); 2" (optional feature); 2 1/4" (optional feature); 2 1/2" (optional feature); 2 3/4" (optional feature); 1/2" to 20"
  • Finish: Galvanized (optional feature); Zinc Plated (optional feature); Cadmium Plating
Threaded Plates -- 096P0090903M4
from Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

If there's a device that needs to move, chances are Magnus can spec a solution to satisfy the need. If your primary concern is weight capacity, resistance to extreme conditions, durability, aesthetics, or any combination of these, Magnus offers a huge selection of existing models to meet that need. [See More]

  • Type: Square Nut
  • Material: Steel
  • Size: M4
  • Finish: Zinc Plated