Negative High Voltage Power Supplies Datasheets

High Voltage AC-DC Modular - Regulated
from Acopian Power Supplies

These modular High Voltage supplies may be used as constant voltage or constant current sources. They may be remotely programmed by means of either voltage or resistance, and have provisions for remote monitoring and output inhibiting. All control and monitoring connections are on a pluggable... [See More]

  • Polarity: Positive; Negative
  • Maximum: 30000
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Minimum: 1.00E-3
Photomultiplier Power Supplies -- PPM1/112N Series
from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

This compact, high reliability, photomultiplier power supply module has considerable advantages in size, weight and specification over other competitive units for photomultiplier applications; and for those applications where 1W output power is sufficient and high performance is essential. Line,... [See More]

  • Polarity: Negative
  • Maximum: 1100
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Minimum: 7.00E-4
High Voltage DC to DC Converter A10 Series -- A10-24
from American Power Design, Inc.

FEATURES. * Ultra-Wide Input Ranges (10-20Vdc, 18-36Vdc, 36-72Vdc). * Low Profile. * Efficiency 89% (typ.). * High Regulation. * 1000Vdc Isolation. * 2" x 2" x 0.5" Case [See More]

  • Polarity: Positive; Negative
  • Maximum: 24
  • Minimum: 24
  • Minimum: 0.4160
10 kW - 50 kW Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supply -- LQ Series
from Glassman Europe, Ltd.

Glassman's LQ family of power supplies are sophisticated, 10 kW, high voltage power supplies with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation.The "low-height" LQ series offers models from 1-12KV that provides a fully adjustable output voltage and current... [See More]

  • Polarity: Positive (optional feature); Negative (optional feature)
  • Maximum: 12000
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Minimum: 0.0
Portable X-Ray Power Supply -- XRS Series
from Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

50kV Portable X-Ray Power Supply [See More]

  • Polarity: Negative
  • Maximum: -10000
  • Minimum: -50000
  • Minimum: 0.0
2.4kW Power Supply -- SRM-5450
from Dongah Elecomm

48V / 50A Front EndPower Supply Module [See More]

  • Polarity: Negative
  • Minimum: 50
  • Minimum: -48
  • Maximum: 200
EH Series -- EH1*100L
from Glassman High Voltage, Inc.

True load monitoring, regulated, low ripple & storage energy, air insulated [See More]

  • Polarity: Positive (optional feature); Negative (optional feature); Reversible (optional feature)
  • Maximum: 1000
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Minimum: 0.0
Miniature High Voltage DC/DC Converter Module -- GMA-12-100
from LHV Power

Description: The GMA Series is a unique range of low cost, general-purpose high voltage DC/DC converters. Output voltages are available in the range 100V to 3kV depending on model. All units are configured for direct PCB mounting and are intended to be "designed in" to customers ’ equipment as... [See More]

  • Polarity: Positive (optional feature); Negative (optional feature)
  • Maximum: 100
  • Minimum: 50
  • Line Regulation: 10
AE Series -- AE-100N0.3
from Matsusada Precision, Inc.

Local and remote operation, adjustable overload trip, GPIB interface option [See More]

  • Polarity: Negative
  • Maximum: 100000
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Minimum: 3.00E-4
DCL Series -- DCL1000
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

Ultra-low arc energy, compatible with A ²K combinations [See More]

  • Polarity: Positive; Negative
  • Maximum: 1000
  • Minimum: 25
  • Minimum: 10