Desktop High Voltage Power Supplies Datasheets

Acopian Custom Power Supply System Builder
from Acopian Power Supplies

We have thousands of power supply models, but if you can't find what you need in our standard stand alone models, we can fill your needs with one of our Power Systems. (We can also easily modify power supplies to meet customer requirements.). Simply ‘check ’ or fill in whichever items... [See More]

  • Style: Desktop; DIN Rail; Rack Mount; Wall Mount; Cabinet
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display; Digital Numerical Display
  • Input: DC Input
  • Application: Instrumentation
ESC Series - Electrostatic Chuck DC High Power -- ESC HV
from Comdel, Inc.

5-10 kV Models Available. Performance: Comdel's ESC-HV, Comdel's latest electrostatic chuck power supply, can be configured to deliver from 5 to 10KV of power for reliable handling in large surface processes. Equipped with low stored energy and built-in current limiting, the ESC-HV will safeguard... [See More]

  • Style: Module; Desktop; Rack Mount
  • Minimum: 5000
  • Polarity: Positive; Reversible; Bipolar
  • Maximum: 20000
BHK-MG Series -- BHK 1000-0.2MG
from Kepco, Inc.

Built-in GPIB, IEEE 488.2, 12 bits, 2 line 16 character LCD display [See More]

  • Style: Desktop; Rack Mount
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Maximum: 1000
EJC Series -- EJC-1B30
from Matsusada Precision, Inc.

Fast response, uses no relay, built-in RF filter is available (option) [See More]

  • Style: Desktop; External Power Supply
  • Minimum: -1000
  • Polarity: Reversible
  • Maximum: 1000
MONOBLOCK® -- Integrated X-Ray Generator System
from Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

High voltage insulation is provided by solid encapsulant or purified oil [See More]

  • Style: Desktop
  • Minimum: 10000
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Maximum: 110000
ZUP Series -- ZUP120-1.8/U
from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc., High Power Division

Single output zero-up stand-alone programmable power supply [See More]

  • Style: Desktop; Rack Mount (optional feature)
  • Minimum: 12
  • Polarity: Positive; Negative; Reversible
  • Maximum: 120