Food Processing Drum Pumps Datasheets

Drum Pump -- Group D - Range MDF
from SEEPEX Inc.

seepex pumps of product group D are used for delivering and dosing small quantities in almost all branches of industry. They are especially suited for low-pulsation delivery of low to highly-viscous media as well as media containing solids and chemically aggressive media while achieving a high... [See More]

  • Market Segment: Agriculture and Horticulture; Automotive; Brewery; Construction; Dairy; FoodProcessing; Municipal; OilGasProduction; Petrochemical or Hydrocarbon; Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology; PulpPaper; Dyeing, Wood, Chemicals, Wastewater
  • Discharge Size: 1.000
  • Liquid Flow: 5.4
  • Pump Type: PositiveDisplacement
Saniflo™ Series -- Saniflo DUS
from Wilden Pump & Engineering, LLC

The Saniflo" DUS system is designed for use with a Wilden P4 or PV4 pump to unload very viscous products from a variety of storage and transport drums. It incorporates a pneumatic piston system that acts upon a follower plate to assist in the removal of highly viscous products from drums. When the... [See More]

  • Market Segment: FoodService; FoodProcessing; GeneralUse
  • Pump Type: PistonPlunger
  • Discharge Size: 4.000 to 8.000
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded