None, Pump Only Axial Flow Pumps Datasheets

RMV 3400 rpm D Version 3/4" Hollow Shaft -- RMV2.5G20
from A.R. North America, Inc.

Die-cast crankcase with large cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation [See More]

  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Market Segment: GeneralUse
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; PistonPlunger; PositiveDisplacement; RadialFlow; Reciprocating; System
  • Brake Horsepower: 3.4
Axial Flow Pumps -- AH
from A.R. Wilfley & Sons, Inc.

Today, Wilfley continues to manufacture centrifugal pumps with advanced seal technology for both abrasive and corrosive applications. Wilfley pumps meet ASME specifications and are available in a variety of materials and configurations. Wilfley maintains its ’ own foundry and provides quality... [See More]

  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Market Segment: Commercial; FoodService; Petrochemical or Hydrocarbon; Chemical
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow
  • Number of Pumps in Assembly: 1
from Clyde Pumps Ltd. - Incorporating WEIR PUMPS Glasgow

Designed for higher head/flow, higher efficiency, lower maintenance [See More]

  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Market Segment: GeneralUse; OilGasProduction; PowerGeneration; Process Industries
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; SplitCase; Utility; Wastewater; Water; WaterSupply; WaterTreatment; Single Entry Two Phase
  • Liquid Flow: 5950.0
Axial Flow Pump -- RPROP Series
from Friatec N.A., LLC

The axial flow propeller circulating pump type R PROP has been developed for high capacities, and achieves optimum NPSH values at high efficiencies as a result of the specially designed propeller blades. These pumps are therefore especially suitable for the following applications: Evaporation plant,... [See More]

  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded; AC; Electric Motor
  • Market Segment: GeneralUse; Mining; Municipal; OEM; PulpPaper; Chemical Industry, Evaporation Plants
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; Centrifugal; Circulation; Propeller; Wastewater
  • Liquid Flow: 30800.0
P Series
from IMO Pump

132.000 USgpm, sealed impeller hub, for digesters, nitrification basins [See More]

  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Market Segment: Municipal; Digesters, Activated Sludge, Rainwater
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; PositiveDisplacement; Propeller; Wastewater
  • Liquid Flow: 132000.0
F1/F2 Piston Pump Series -- 3703940
from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics / Hydraulic Pump Division

The F1 offers many additional values for operators of cargo cranes, hook loaders, skip loaders, forest cranes and heavy duty demanding truck applications. Higher selfpriming speed. Operating pressures to 400 bar. New frame sizes to meet market requirements. Higher overall efficiency. Increased... [See More]

  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Market Segment: GeneralUse; Automotive
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; Hydraulic; PistonPlunger; PositiveDisplacement; Propeller; Reciprocating
  • Discharge Pressure: 5076.3