Painted Steel Workbenches and Workstations (Industrial) Datasheets

Adjustable Height Work Benches
from Akro-Mils, Inc.

Adjustable Height Work Benches feature telescoping C-channel legs that provide a range of work heights from 30" to 40" — perfect for standing or sitting applications, and are available with 30" x 60" or 30" x 72" work surfaces. Powder-coated steel work surface extends 1-1/2" and hardwood... [See More]

  • Work Surface: Hardwood (optional feature); PaintedSteel (optional feature); Butchers Block, Composition
  • Length: 30.0
  • Type: Economy
  • Width: 60.0 to 72.0
Heavy Duty Fixed Workbench -- WB Series
from Jamco Products, Inc.

Capacity-2,000 Lb. Product Features: All welded construction. Durable 12 gauge steel shelves (ideal for mounting vises). 2" square tubular corner construction with floor pads. Top shelf front side lip down (flush), other 3 sides up for retention. Lower shelf half shelf & 4" back support. [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Length: 60.0 to 72.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Heavyduty; Stationary work bench 36 x 73
  • Width: 30.0 to 36.0
Adjustable Workbench with Shelf, Wood Comp. Top (60"L X 30"P X 30 to 42"H) -- WSA3050
from Rousseau Metal inc.

General Characteristics. Wide variety of accessories provide flexibility for custom layouts. Layout and position of accessories may be changed without using tools, allowing your system to evolve with your needs. Its robust components make it ideal for industrial applications while its attractive... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel; PlasticMelamine
  • Length: 30.0
  • Type: Heavyduty; Cleanroom
  • Width: 60.0
DownDraft™ Work Station -- 1728-01
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Enhances operator safety during soldering, chemical processing, adhesive coating, and other operations involving noxious fumes. Sub-surface blower/filter module draws fumes through perforated 304 stainless steel work platform. Activated charcoal filter safely removes a wide range of organic fumes... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel; StainlessSteel
  • Length: 30.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Sub-surface blower/filter module; Ergonomic
  • Width: 48.0
Work Chamber

Airbrasive ® Work Chambers have been specially designed to assist in hand-held work. Made from enameled steel, our Work Chamber's can be used with all Micro Abrasive Blasting Units and easily attached to our Dust Collectors. These units feature tempered glass, hinged safety lid, internal... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel; Tempered Safety Glass
  • Length: 19.0 to 24.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 9.0 to 13.5
Cantilevered Workstation -- PBL3036
from BOSTONtec

Electric height adjustment, customize work surface, shelves, and lighting [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel (optional feature); Phenolic Resin
  • Length: 36.0
  • Type: Cleanroom; Ergonomic
  • Width: 30.0
ALL-METAL DESIGN Assembly Benches -- 5514000 [5514000 from All Metal Designs, Inc.]
from C&H Distributors, LLC

ALL-METAL DESIGN Assembly Benches accommodate the changing needs from person-to-person or shift-to-shift for optimum productivity. Bench height adjusts to a comfortable position, sitting or standing, preventing worker fatigue and reducing back and arm strain. Simply turn center table lift or... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Length: 30.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 48.0
from Custom Industrial Products, Inc.

Travel height 6"-42" [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel; WoodLaminated
  • Capacity: 1000
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Heavyduty; Ergonomic
  • Features: Adjustable; Electric Height Adjustable
Benchtron BF Series 99.9% Efficient Cartridge Dust Collector / Downdraft Station -- BFD-4-6-5
from Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants

Maximizing the Work Environment. The Filter 1 Benchtron Downdraft/Backdraft Workstation removes dust, fumes, and smoke from sanding, grinding, buffing, or welding of metals, composites, fiberglass, plastics, or wood. The Benchtron meets OSHA requirements for respirable dust down to .05MG/M3, with... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Length: 30.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 43.0
from Raymond Handling Consultants, L.C.


  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Width: 60.0
  • Length: 28.0
  • Height: 29.0
Custom® Series Workbenches -- 811004
from Shure Manufacturing Corporation

Description: Custom ® Series configurations include stationary, portable or wall-mounted. The large storage area can be provided as open, two sliding doors or two sliding doors and two drawers. The 60" bench top is available in 3 work surfaces. Features: Three bench styles: portable, stationary... [See More]

  • Work Surface: Hardwood (optional feature); PaintedSteel (optional feature); StainlessSteel (optional feature)
  • Length: 60.0
  • Type: Heavyduty
  • Width: 24.0
Basic Worktable
from Sovella, Inc.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, can be customized [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Length: 60.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 30.0
Automotive Technician Center
from Stanley Vidmar

Bring the flexibility and modularity of your parts department directly to your service floor!. STCs are available in a number of popular preconfigured models or can be custom-configured to your exact specifications. They integrate seamlessly with the rest of Stanley Vidmar ’s storage... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Features: Adjustable; Back or End Stops; Drawers
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Industrial
12' Workstation with Lights and Outlets -- T14436-4DS-2SOS-2FL-BP
from Strong Hold Products

144" x 36" x 34". OAH: 82". Shelves: 2. Doors: 1. Drawers: 4 [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Length: 144.0
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 36.0
Kendall Howard LAN Station Workbench -- 1919-3-000-24

LAN station for test labs, computer workbenches, shipping or assembly tables. Supports from 2 to 8 computers & monitors. Features: - Made from 2" square tube steel and welded together for optimum strength and reliability. - Each table top and shelf is crafted with a premium laminate and reinforced... [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Type: LAN
Flow Cell
from UNEX Manufacturing, Inc.

Components make it easy to create ergonomic stations [See More]

  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
  • Features: Adjustable; Modular; RollStorage
  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Ergonomic

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