Surface Thermistor Temperature Probes Datasheets

Banjo Style Thermistor Sensor -- ON-408-PP
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Extremely Sensitive Sensor with Thin Cross-Section Tip Combined and Ultra-Small Diameter Extension Sheath [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Process Connection: None or Hand held
  • Sensed Temperature: ? to 212
  • Sheath Material: Stainless Steel
NTC Patient Thermistor Temperature Probe -- 409 Series Medical Reusable Autoclavable
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

400-series autoclavable skin / surface temperature probe. Features: • FDA Registered. • CE Marked for global sales. • 400 series nominal resistance response curve. • Withstands 100 autoclave cycles to 121 °C. • Withstands 50 autoclave cycles to 134 °C. • 2252.4... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Sensed Temperature: 32 to 158
from Brighton Electronics, Inc.

Thermistor, Bi-pole, 3.1” disc tip surface probe with handle and 1.5’ cord [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Process Connection: None or Hand held
  • Diameter or Width Range: ? to 3.1
  • Sensor Termination Type: Plug or Quick Connect
Thermistor Probe -- WD-08491-09
from OAKTON Instruments

Probe, 400 thermistor, 316 flat disc [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Sheath Material: 316 Stainless Steel
from Oven Industries, Inc.

Flange mount 3/16", 50000 ohms, +/- 1 C over 0-100 C temperature range [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Diameter or Width Range: 0.1875
  • Sensed Temperature: 32 to 212
  • Sensitive Length: 0.5000
from Quantem Corp.

High sensitivity, rapid response [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Process Connection: Compression
  • Diameter or Width Range: 0.2850
  • Sensor Termination Type: Bare or Insulated Lead Wires
Temperature Sensor -- 1
from Semitec USA Corp.

Surface temperature sensor for OA equipment [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Diameter or Width Range: 0.4724
  • Sensed Temperature: -30 to 230
  • Sensitive Length: 0.9055
Temperature Probe -- PMA2161K
from Solar Light Company, Inc.

Measures temperature in a range of -40 to +150 °C with high accuracy and stability. The PMA2160 is an interface that permits a thermistor temperature probe to be attached to the PMA2100 meter. The thermistor probes are factory calibrated so they can be easily interchanged without compromising... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Diameter or Width Range: 0.3750
  • Sensed Temperature: -40 to 302
  • Process Connection: None or Hand held
1/4" NPT Brass Probe -- H2998
from U.S. Sensor

Brass, custom lead length, sensor element potted near tip [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Surface
  • Sensitive Length: 0.6000 to 0.7000
  • Diameter or Width Range: 0.2400 to 0.2600
  • Process Connection: Threaded (NPT) Fitting
Bolt-on Sensor-Thermistor -- 773-TM
from Ultra Electronics, manufacturer of Weed Instrument products

Accurate measurement of surface temperatures. Compact sensing block designed for fast time response, may be installed by bolting, clamping or cementing to the surface. Ideal for remote sensing when used in conjunction with the Weed Instrument Sensor-Mate Temperature Transmitter. [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Flexible Probe; Surface; Bolt On
  • Diameter or Width Range: 0.7500
  • Sensed Temperature: ? to 150
  • Sensitive Length: ? to 18