Right Angle Nozzles Datasheets

Air Jets -- AJT-1N
from Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

Air jets are used extensively within themanufacturing environment. They aredesigned to deliver a concentratedflow of air or liquid to a specific loca-tion. They are used in blowoff, clean-ing, drying, part ejecting, and coolingapplications. Clippard's new air jetproducts provide a wide variety... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Cleaning
  • Media: Air; Fuel: Liquid
  • Maximum Pressure: ? to 200
Adjustable Air Jets
from EXAIR Corporation

Model 6019 Adjustable Air Jet is an adjustable version of the Model 6013 High Velocity Air Jet. These models include Stay Set Hose [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Cleaning; Spray Drying; Cooling
  • Media: Air
  • Pattern: Solid Cone
Tank Cleaning Nozzle -- Model Y25479500
from General Pump

General Pump Spray Tips are built using an innovative design and manufacturing approach that ensures accuracy and provides consistent durability and performance for all types of high pressure cleaning systems. Tips offer high application flexibility, unique construction, positive identification, and... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Cleaning
  • Media: Water
  • Flow: ? to 1260
Adjustable Air Amplifier -- 40001
from Nex Flow Air Products Corp.

Aluminum. Adjustable Air Amplifier from Nex Flow ™ are used for a variety of applications - available in either coated aluminum or stainless steel for high temperature or corrosive environments. Adjustable Air Amplifier are easy to mount and maintain. Compressed air consumption and noise... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Cleaning
  • Media: Air
  • Pattern: Stream
CF-System -- Nozzles
from A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Hose connections for use on valves and pipes with front side sealed G 3/4 male thread. The materials in contact with media have international drinking water approvals for hot potable water. The connectors can manually be tightened by a G 3/4 female threaded swivel nut. (Different spouts, with and... [See More]

  • Form: In-line (optional feature); Right Angle (optional feature)
  • Media: Water

Airbrasive ® Nozzles are available with tips in a variety of shapes and sizes. The opening at the tip of the nozzle will vary according to the type of work you wish to do. It can either be round or rectangular, large or small. A rounded tip will provide the user with the greatest control when... [See More]

  • Form: In-line (optional feature); Right Angle (optional feature)
  • Application: Cleaning
  • Media: Air; Abrasive
  • Pattern: Stream (optional feature); Square (optional feature)
Reflector Nozzle -- 7051 [07051 from STEINEL]
from All-Spec Industries

"The Steinel 07051 is a reflector nozzle for the Steinel electronic heat guns with a 1-1/2"" (39mm) opening. Reflector nozzles help to direct hot air around pipes or tubing for even heat distribution." [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Heating
  • Media: Air
  • Pattern: Cylindrical
SAM™ Series -- SAM-01-02
from BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.

Design Features. Separate atomizing and fan air lines provide variable coverage and fine control of drop size without affecting liquid flow rates. Higher atomizing air pressure yields finer drop size; higher fan air pressure yields broader patterns. External mix; allows spraying of viscous... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle; Multiple inlets
  • Application: Painting
  • Media: Adhesive; Chemical; Ink; Water
  • Flow: 0.7000 to 1.9
Injector -- FL-1
from Bijur Delimon International

Application. FL1 Injectors are positive displacement type. They have adjustable outputs and a visual indicator pin. They can supply one lubrication point, or several in combination with a progressive divider. All incorporate grease zerk fittings for priming system. Function. The lubricant under... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Lubrication
  • Media: Oil; Other; Grease
  • Maximum Pressure: 3500
Combination Torch -- Oxweld®® CW-23
from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Injector style cutting attachment great for lower inlet pressures. Features. Ease-on control of cutting oxygen flow for smoother starts. Adapts W-17 torch to oxy-fuel cutting, wide range of applications — also effective for pad washing, gouging and rivet washing. Flip-over cutting lever for... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Welding
  • Media: Air
140 Series Air Atomizing Nozzle
from Lechler, Inc.

Extremely fine full cone atomization. Siphon principle. Internal mixing of fluids. Integrated regulating device.Applications: • Lubrication • Cooling • Humidification of air [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Humidification; Cooling, Lubrication
  • Media: Air; Water
  • Flow: 3.2
Dual Orifice 90° Nozzles -- pn-4338
from Melton USA

Dual Orifice 90 ° Nozzles [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Features: Multiple Orifices
Angled Tip
from Nordson EFD

Stainless steel tips are available with 45 ° and 90 ° bends. They are manufactured in Nordson EFD ’s own certified silicone-free facilities in the United States. [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Orifice Size: 5.91 to 60.63
  • Angle: 45 to 90
  • Material: Stainless
from Nortec

Nozzle discharges atomized water particles in a fine fog pattern, 3-10 microns in size, by using compressed air to create a vacuum over the water orifice, which then draws water into the airflow as it exits the nozzle. This action mixes the air and water into a fine atomized fog, which can be... [See More]

  • Form: Right Angle
  • Application: Humidification
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 70 to ?
1/16" ID Air Nozzles
from Pneumadyne, Inc.

The modular design of Pneumadyne's Air Jet system makes it adaptable to an unlimited number of applications. Originally developed for increasing the productiving of vibratory feeders, Air Jets are also used in a wide variety of cooling, lubricating and moving applications. Six configurations of the... [See More]

  • Form: In-line (optional feature); Right Angle (optional feature)
  • Application: Cleaning
  • Media: Air; Hydraulic
  • Angle: 0 to 90