Non-Polar (Reverse Phase) Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Disks Datasheets

CarboPrep®Reversing SPE Cartridges
from Restek

High adsorbent capacity (surface area ≥200 m2/g) for large volume sampling. Chromatographic grade graphitized carbon provides consistent and quantitative recoveries of a wide variety of semivolatiles, pesticides, and herbicides. 500 mg bed weight [See More]

  • Extraction Mechanism: Non-Polar
  • Sorbent Mass: 0.5000
  • Configuration: Cartridge
  • Disc/Packing Material: Graphitized Carbon
SPE Cartridge MiniSpe-ed™ -- ALA Alumina (Acid)
from Applied Separations, Inc.

Cartridges conveniently stack together, allowing more than one sorbent [See More]

  • Extraction Mechanism: Non-Polar
  • Separation Mechanism: Syringe (optional feature); Vacuum (optional feature)
  • Configuration: Cartridge
  • Sample Volume: 1