CEPA High Speed Centrifuge -- Model GLE
from Eppendorf, Inc.

This benchtop laboratory model features variable speed as a standard and a wide choice of optional bowls for research, scale-up experiments and small volume production. This model is typically used with 2 to 15 liter cultures. Maximum throughput is 30 liters/hours. [See More]

  • Analysis Method: Preparative
  • Temperature Control: Non-Refrigerated
  • Configuration: Benchtop
  • Sample Introduction: Continuous
Benchtop Centrifuge 1-14 -- BBI-8581142
from Sartorius Group

Benchtop centrifuge 1-14 BBI-8581142. Largest capacity in its class - up to 24 x 2.2 ml. Soft start and soft brake - unique in this class. Motorized lid lock. Short spin function. Low noise < 60 dBA. Large display, easy to read [See More]

  • Analysis Method: Preparative
  • Speed: Micro
  • Configuration: Benchtop
  • Sample Introduction: Batch
Heraeus Biofuge Stratos Centrifuge, 230V -- 1797-03
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Thermo Scientific's Heraeus Biofuge Stratos Centrifuge performs high-speed sample separations. This compact refrigerated model stores nine of your most-used pre-saved program and is ideal for DNA and RNA extractions. Free Shipping! [See More]

  • Analysis Method: Preparative
  • Speed: Super
  • Configuration: Benchtop
  • Temperature Control: Refrigerated
MyFuge Mini Centrifuges -- C1008-B
from SKS Science Products

The MyFuge ™ Mini centrifuge is a personal centrifuge that virtually fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes, the MyFuge is extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and the rotor instantly reaches 6,000 rpm. Open the lid, and the rotor quickly... [See More]

  • Analysis Method: Preparative
  • Maximum Speed: 6000
  • Configuration: Benchtop