Drum Laboratory Centrifuges Datasheets

CEPA High Speed Centrifuge -- Model GLE
from Eppendorf AG

This benchtop laboratory model features variable speed as a standard and a wide choice of optional bowls for research, scale-up experiments and small volume production. This model is typically used with 2 to 15 liter cultures. Maximum throughput is 30 liters/hours. [See More]

  • Rotor Configuration: Drum
  • Analysis Method: Preparative
  • Configuration: Benchtop
  • Temperature Control: Non-Refrigerated
Benchtop Centrifuge 3-16P -- BBI-8581541
from Sartorius Group

Benchtop centrifuge 3-16P BBI-8581541. Speed range up 14,500 rpm. Spincontrol Universal. Various angle and swing-out-rotors available. Maximum capacity of 4 x 250 ml. Different adapters for micro centrifuge tubes up to 250 ml vessels available for the same bucket. Maintenance-free induction drive... [See More]

  • Rotor Configuration: Fixed Angle; Swinging Bucket; Drum (optional feature)
  • Speed: Super
  • Configuration: Benchtop
  • Analysis Method: Preparative