Microfuge Laboratory Centrifuges Datasheets

Prism™ LN-C1801 Mini Microcentrifuge -- Model C-1801
from NuAire, Inc.

The user-friendly Prism ™ Mini is a reliable, compact, and economical personal microcentrifuge ideal for quick spins that can be used for a wide range of molecular biology protocols. Prism ™ Mini works out of the box with a maintenance-free drive system and advanced design providing... [See More]

  • Speed: Micro
  • Analysis Method: Preparative
  • Configuration: Benchtop
  • Sample Introduction: Batch
Mikro 200 & 200R -- Mikro 200/200R
from Helmer, Inc.

Microliter Centrifuge. Fast and Powerful Microcentrifuge. The Mikro 200 is a compact microcentrifuge that accomodates microtubes and PCR Strips. The Mikro 200 is programmable in RPM, RCF, minutes, and seconds. Refrigerated and non-refrigerated models available. Features. • Touchpad and digital... [See More]

  • Speed: Micro
  • Maximum RCF: 21382
  • Maximum Speed: 15000
  • Sample Volume: 60
CENTRIFUGE - Hematocrit, Model Micro-MB, IEC, MB Hematocrit Centrifuge ** D i s c o n t i n u e d ** -- 1160696
from Wilkem Scientific

The world`s most popular microhematocrit centrifuge provides accurate, precise determinations in 3 to 5 minutes. Fast acceleration to 11,500 rpm. Manual electric brake brakes to a complete stop in 15 seconds. Features 15 minute timer with 30 second increments and auduble end of run signal. Complete... [See More]

  • Speed: Micro