SRAM Memory Modules Datasheets

4MB Cisco Systems VIP2-50 Approved SRAM Cache Memory (p/n ME
from, Inc.

Cisco Approved VIP2-50 4mb SRAM Cache Memory. Compatible with:RSP7000 VIP2-50 (Parcel SRAM Cache memory), Cisco RSP7010 VIP2-50 (Parcel SRAM Cache memory). [See More]

  • Memory Type: SRAM
  • Capacity: 4
4MB SRAM -- TPMC 917
from Monroe Engineering

The TPMC917 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC module providing 4Mbyte SRAM with battery backup by an on board lithium cell for all SRAM devises and four ESD protected RS232 channels. The 4Mbyte SRAM is organized in two banks, each of them provides 512k x 32 bit memory. During normal operation... [See More]

  • Memory Type: SRAM
  • Capacity: 4
  • Form Factor: Card
  • Application: General Use
from Nallatech, Inc.

FPGA chip, applications: digital signal processing, image processing [See More]

  • Memory Type: SRAM
  • Capacity: 1000
  • Form Factor: Card
  • Clock Speed: 200 to 266
STD Bus USSD Universal Solid State Disk -- LPM/MCM-USSD
from WinSystems, Inc.

Eight bytewide memory sockets, I/O mapped board requires no system memory [See More]

  • Memory Type: RAM; SRAM; EPROM; PEROM
  • Application: Servers and Networking
  • Capacity: 1.02 to 4