Orientation / Type:Other Gearmotors Datasheets

Alpha Series I Brushless Servo Motor -- A0030-101-3-00 [A0030-101-3-00 from Applied Motion Products, Inc.]
from Electromate

Applied Motion's Alpha Series Servo Motors provide approximately twice the torque per frame size as conventional servo motors. The rotor inertia has been optimally designed for typical loads, giving the Alpha Series optimum power ratings for their size. These high performance Brushless AC Servo... [See More]

  • Shaft Orientation: In-line; Single-ended; Double-ended (optional feature); Keyway, 1-2 Flat
  • Features: Multi-speed; Reversible
  • Construction: ACServo; Servomotor
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Brushless DC Motors -- IBQBG-002
from Island Components Group

Our brushless motors are among the most advanced in our industry. DC brushless motors offer superior performance and have the advantage of reduced maintenance since there are no brushes or commutators. These motors provide solutions for rigorous applications requiring maximum performance and... [See More]

  • Shaft Orientation: In-line; Single-ended; Double-ended (optional feature); Both Ends*
  • DC Voltage: 270.0
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet
  • Commutation: Brushless
from Excitron Corporation

Small stepper motors with high torque. Torque values are rated torque, you may operate with more or less then rated. Rated torque is determined by the amount of amperage to develop rated torque and operate for 10 minutes before reaching 180 degree F. Note that torque developed by most competitor's... [See More]

  • Shaft Orientation: In-line; Single-ended; Custom Available
  • Features: Multi-speed; Reversible
  • Construction: Synchronous; See Website; Series Wound; Compound Wound; Permanent Magnet; Strong Magnets; Permanent Magnet; Hybrid; Controller Drive
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz (optional feature); 208-230/240V 60Hz (optional feature); International Voltages (optional feature)