Harmonic Gearmotors Datasheets

from Electromate

Harmonic drive ™ gearing actuators are an integral package consisting of an encoder, brush or brushless servo motor and a precision harmonic drive gearhead. By offering a complete actuator package, Harmonic Drive LLC has provided the design engineer with matched, power-compatible components... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Harmonic
  • Features: Reversible
  • Construction: ACServo; Servomotor
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 200V
EC 6 Series DC Motor -- 250101
from maxon precision motors, inc.

The electronically commutated EC motors are characterized especially by their favorable torque characteristics, high power, extremely broad speed range and, of course, by their unsurpassed service life. [See More]

  • Gear Type: Planetary (optional feature); Harmonic (optional feature)
  • DC Voltage: 12.0 to ?
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet; Coreless / Slotless
  • Commutation: Brushless
Commercial Grade Vacuum -- VC-R32
from Empire Magnetics Inc.

Commercial grade vacuum motor, integral resolver, hybrid servo [See More]

  • Gear Type: Spur (optional feature); Planetary; Harmonic (optional feature)
  • DC Voltage: 310.0
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet; Servomotor
  • Commutation: Brushless