CANbus Data Input Modules Datasheets

Dynamic Datalogger With Usb And Ethernet -- D900
from Dewetron, Inc.

The D900 defies the image that all loggers are "slow" and low-tech. On the contrary, it offers fast and slow recording speeds, real ISOLATED inputs, and a built-in 5.7" color display for easy setup and data view / review. A great feature is Windows software that we include, so that you can control... [See More]

  • Network Options: Ethernet; CANbus
  • Accuracy: 0.2500
  • Analog Channels: 8
  • Isolation: Isolated Analog Voltage Input
CANBus Input Module
from OROS

CAN2a & CAN2b. 125 kb/s to 1 Mb/s. Rugged Hi-Z probe. Connection to the CAN bus allows collecting parametric data (Time, RPM, Torque, Temp, Throttle value, etc..) from vehicles or components that complete measurements. [See More]

  • Network Options: CANbus
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Analog Channels: 1
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input; Tach; Timer / Clock Input; Throttle Value
1 Channel Analog Input Terminal -- KL3061
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The KL3061 and KL3062 analog input terminals handle signals in the range from 0 to 10 V. The voltage is digitised to a resolution of 12 bits and is transmitted, electrically isolated, to the higher-level automation device. The input channels of a Bus Terminal have a common ground potential, the... [See More]

  • Network Options: Ethernet (optional feature); CANbus (optional feature); DeviceNet (optional feature); Foundation Fieldbus (optional feature); Profibus (optional feature); SERCOS (optional feature); Beckhoff I/O (optional feature); ModBus
  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System
  • Resolution: 12
  • DC Voltage: 0 to 10 V
Protection & Control -- RRTD Remote RTD Module
from GE Digital Energy

The Remote RTD Module provides additional RTD temperature metering. capabilities for other relays such as the 369. Features & Benefits. 12 three wire shielded RTD inputs. User configurable RTD type. Applications. Remote metering of RTDs. Protection & Control. Stator RTD overtemperature (49). [See More]

  • Network Options: CANbus
  • Inputs: RTD Input
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount
  • Host Connection: RS232/422/485
Bridge/Strain-to-CAN for Extreme Testing -- CANSAS-µ-B1;
from imc DataWorks, LLC

CANSAS represents a revolutionary concept, combining the best of decentralized and modular instrumentation design for the acquisition of physical measurement data. CANSAS finds a home in the test engineer's toolbox in a wide variety of applications. Owing to CANSAS' reconfigurability and modularity,... [See More]

  • Network Options: CANbus; CANOpen
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Analog Channels: 1
  • Sampling Frequency: 2
M Series -- ยต-THERMO

8 analog inputs for thermocouples / Type K [See More]

  • Network Options: CANbus
  • Sampling Frequency: 0.1600
  • Analog Channels: 8
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
VBOX III 100Hz with 20Hz RTK and Glonass -- RLVB3R2G2

100Hz GPS, 20Hz RTK and Glonass, data logging [See More]

  • Network Options: CANbus
  • Digital I/O Channels: 0
  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Sampling Frequency: 0.1000