Manual Valve Actuators Datasheets

Manual Actuators
from ARI Valve Corporation

Products: ARI ® Manual Actuators. Manual handwheel for control valves [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
Ball Actuator -- SBA-716
from Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

The ball actuator screws onto the panel mount threads of Beswick's two and three-way stem actuated valves and permits actuation of the valve from any direction. A 1/16" thick mounting bracket can be used to mount the stem actuated valve when using the ball actuator. [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Operation: OnOff
  • Valve Motion: Linear
  • Location: NonHazardous
Aluminum Gear Operator -- 98 Series
from BI-TORQ® Valve Automation

The 98 series aluminum gear operator offers 3 sizes ranging from 1500 to 7000 inch pounds of torque. The lightweight design and economical price make it ideal for a variety of applications. All 98 series gears come with a customizable drive bushing and handwheel. AVK Carbo-Bond can customize the... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Actuator Torque: 1500 to 7000
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Full Range of Rotary Motion: 90°
3-Way Low Force Actuation Push Button -- PB-2-BK
from Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

Clippard also offers the captivatedpush button for use with a large vari-ety of stem operated valves. Captivatedpush buttons are sold as kits, adaptableto either 1/8" diameter stems or 3/16"diameter stems. Each kit includes a col-ored acetyl push button, brass housingnut, 1/16" brass spacer, and... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Stem Diameter: 0.1250 to 0.1875
  • Operation: OnOff
  • Failsafe: CloseNoPower
Electric Actuator -- MA Series
from DynaQuip Controls

The ALL NEW DynaQuip MA Series electric actuators are durable, heavy-duty actuators designed to exceed the needs of your everyday quarter-turn automation applications.Our MA Series actuators are ideal for operation on a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. The MA Series can be... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual; Electric
  • Operation: OnOff; Modulating (optional feature)
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Actuator Torque: 795 to 30975
VAOH-11-H9 Hand lever -- 542703
from Festo Corporation

Hand lever VAOH-11-H9 for the mechanical actuation of the VAPB ball valves. Length=140 mm, Width across flats=11 mm, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2, Product weight=200 g, Materials note=(* Free of copper and PTFE, * Contains PWIS substances) [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
Automatic Diaphragm Valve -- Standard Actuator
from G.I.E. Inc.

Automatic Diaphragm Valves — Standard Actuator. The GIE, Inc. broad line of diaphragm valves is widely applied throughout the chemical, food, paper, steel, mining, pharmaceutical, and other process industries wherever positive shut-off, non-contamination, or ease of maintenance is required. [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
Manual Gear Actuator -- M-Series
from Metso

Metso Automation offers a full range of manual gear actuators designed for efficient operation of ball and butterfly valves with a minimum of handle force. Designated as the series M and series MA, these actuators are constructed of cast iron and carbon steel, are fully enclosed for weatherproof... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Actuator Torque: 1104 to 48000
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Location: NonHazardous
Bevel Gear Operators, HOB/MPR Range Gearboxes
from Rotork plc

Cost effectively designed commodity hand operated bevel gears suited for sluice gates, gate, and globe valves. Torque range up to 1,355Nm (1,000 lbsft). Thrust range up to. 356KN (80,000 lbs). 4 sizes. Ratios from 2:1 to 6:1. Cast iron body. Maintenance free. IP67. All types of environment. Optional... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Operation: OnOff
  • Valve Motion: Rotary; Linear
  • Actuator Torque: 2478 to 52336
Bevel Gear Actuator -- B320-05
from Crane Energy Flow Solutions

Bevel gear handwheel multi-turn actuator for use with gate and globe valves [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual (optional feature); Electric
  • Operation: OnOff
  • Valve Motion: Rotary; Linear
  • Actuator Torque: 2880 to 3600
ABV thermo-hydraulic actuators -- 082F0002
from Danfoss North America - Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Division

ABV is a thermo-hydraulic actuator for two point control used to control floor temperature, floor heating systems, hot-water service systems and zone valves and district heating systems. Adjustable fl... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual; Electric
  • AC Voltage: 24
  • Stroke Length: 0.1575
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 131
DeZURIK -- G- Series Rotary Cylinder Actuator Series
from DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette

G-Series Actuators are available on large butterfly and plug valves where constant high torque capability throughout the stroke is required. They feature a rack-and-pinion design and are engineered for high-flow, high-cycle applications. They are available with either manual, cylinder or motor... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual (optional feature); Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature); Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Pneumatic Pressure: 50 to 100
  • Operation: OnOff (optional feature); Modulating (optional feature)
from Edgen Murray

We recognize that quality and dependability is important when it comes to valves and valve automation. As a stocking distributor for several quality brands, we can meet almost any valve requirement be it ball, check, gate, globe, butterfly or needle. Edgen Murray can also provide full automation... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
Deck/Floor Stand Operators with Indication -- 12106-501
from Elliott Manufacturing Co., LLC

The Elliott Deck Stand is used for raising remote location handwheels to suitable operating heights. It is available in two sizes to accommodate varying conditions at the operating site and will accommodate both flexible shaft and rigid rod systems. The units are fabricated from carbon steel while... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
Bevel Gear Operator -- BG107
from Forum Valve Solutions

Oil and gas industrial gear operator [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Operation: Modulating
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Actuator Torque: 12000
Manual Actuator -- MA
from KSB AG

Manual actuators for the operation of quarter-turn valves. MA range manual gearbox, irreversible planetary gear kinematics, operation by handwheel. Applications. Building services, industrial processes. [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Operation: Modulating
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Actuator Torque: 1106 to 2212
Manufacturer Hydraulic System Component Products
from MFP Automation Engineering

The correct valve and control components are critical to providing superior force direction and speed control for your hydraulic system. MFP will help you determine the best directional control, pressure control, and flow control valves for your specific system requirements. And of course, since MFP... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual; Electric; Pneumatic; Hydraulic
232 Series Quarter-Turn Worm Gearbox -- 232-05
from Millennium Power Services

The 232 range of quarter-turn operators have a dye cast aluminum housing and are intended for applications in power waterworks and gas pipelines, HVAC, fire protection and most general industrial applications. Lightweight design. Dye cast aluminium housing. Stainless steel input shaft. 6 models up... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual
  • Actuator Torque: 1106
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 248
Controller with Electric Actuator -- Type 5724
from SAMSON Controls, Inc.

The Type 5724 and Type 5725 are a combination of a linear. actuator and an integrated digital controller. They are especially designed for DHW heating in instantaneous. heating systems for small to medium-sized buildings and for. fixed set point control circuits in mechanical engineering... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual; Electric
  • Operation: Modulating
  • Valve Motion: Linear
  • Stroke Length: 0.2362 to 0.5906
Operators for VBE2-W Butterfly Valves
from Waterman Industries, Inc.

1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Lever Operator. 2. Geared Operator with Handwheel. 3. Gear and 2 " Nut. 4. Travelling Nut Operator Shown with Handwheel. Waterman butterfly valves are available with the full range of operators, from basic lever, geared or traveling nut operators to highly automated electric,... [See More]

  • Actuation Method: Manual