Manual Override Declutchable Gear Operator -- DT Series
from BI-TORQ® Valve Automation

Our sandwich-mount declutch operator are designed to mount between a pneumatic actuator and valve, allowing an operator to manually override the action of the pneumatic actuator. Operators in this category are totally enclosed, weatherproof and permanently lubricated. The declutch locks in both the... [See More]

  • Actuator Type: Declutchable
  • Actuator Torque: 74 to 150
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Full Range of Rotary Motion: 90°
A Series Electric Valve Actuator -- 11A
from Rotork plc

The A/AWT range combines the qualities of a robust electric motor and a well proven simple mechanical drive. Total environmental sealing to IP68 allows the inclusion of integral motor starter and control electronics. Torque range 14 to 3,000 Nm (10 to 2,200 lbf-ft) direct drive, up to 250,000 Nm... [See More]

  • Actuator Type: Handwheel; Declutchable
  • Actuator Torque: 32 to 50
  • Valve Motion: Rotary
  • Full Range of Rotary Motion: 90°