Mechanical Seals -- Type A Seal Head
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Mechanical Seals are meant to replace rope and braided packing. Mechanical Seals are used on rotating shafts (pump, compressors, etc). The product creates a seal when the two flat seal faces are pushed together by axial force from the closing mechanism and by product pressure in the seal chamber. [See More]

  • Seal Design: Metal Bellows
  • Spring Element: Single Spring
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Specialized Mounting: Non-cartridge
Type 2800MB
from John Crane, Inc.

Outstanding warranty, easy installation, no wet barrier system [See More]

  • Seal Design: Metal Bellows
  • Specialized Mounting: Cartridge
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Configuration: Back-to-Back