Type W Axial Shaft Mechanical Seals
from Daemar Inc.

Off road and earth moving equipment must endure extreme service conditions that would quickly destroy common elastomeric lip seals. The drive components on such machines require stronger seal performance to keep out dirt, water, rock and mud while maintaining positive lubrication retention. The... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
EAS Split Series Seals - Pulp & Paper Applictions
from MECO Shaft Seals

MECO ’s patented EAS seal is available for a variety of applications in pulp and paper mills, particularly pulpers, stock chest agitators, and repulper and chip screws. Water-flushed EAS seals are also used extensively on wet building products applications like stucco, gypsum and drywall mud... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Specialized Mounting: Cartridge; Split Seal
  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Seal Application: Agitator or Mixer
DF Seal -- 132-0356
from Caterpillar Inc., OEM Solutions Group

Metal Seals are used in extreme service applications where soft rubber lip seals fail. They perform for thousands of maintenance-free hours as they permanently seal in lubricating oil and keep out damaging abrasives such as dirt and sand. Caterpillar offers an expanded line of Duo-Cone ™ and... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Specialized Mounting: Non-cartridge
  • Spring Element: Single Spring
  • Seal Configuration: Face-to-Face
Asymmetric Face Seal, 76.93 -- Brand: Goetze®
from Federal-Mogul Corporation

Mechanical face seal type 76.93 are special designs (versions A and B) including inverted seal rings and designs specifically for applications with extreme mud impact. Industry Segments: Agriculture Machinery, Construction Vehicles & Equipment, Mining Equipment, Tunneling / Boring Machinery,... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Application: Pump; Marine Stern Tube; Various
  • Seal Design: Mechanical Face Seal
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.97 to 25.98
Dual Cartridge Seal -- Style 75P
from Flex-A-Seal, Inc.

Styles 73P and 75P. Dual Cartridge Seals. Environmental protection. Flex-A-Seal is a respected leader in the design and manufacture of dual cartridge seals for critical toxic and fugitive emission applications where single seals are not acceptable. The simple idea of a second layer of protection... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Spring Element: Multi-spring
  • Seal Design: Pusher
  • Specialized Mounting: Cartridge
from John Crane, Inc.

High and low temperature applications, simple and versatile design [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Spring Element: Single Spring
  • Seal Design: Pusher; Elastomeric Bellows
  • Specialized Mounting: Cartridge