Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Strengthened Mechanical Seals Datasheets

Spring-energized PTFE Seals, Metaplast ® II
from CoorsTek

Elastomer-energized PTFE seals have many years of successful operation in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The polymer-based dynamic sealing element is used with an elastomer acting as a static energizer. Available in custom designs and 13,000 standard inch and metric sizes conforming to industrial... [See More]

  • Plastics: PTFE, Strengthened
  • Spring Element: Single Spring
Double Mechanical Seal With a Mechanical Drive -- EP Type-3 Series
from MECO Shaft Seals

The MECO EP Type 3 model is the best choice in split sealing technology for horizontal dryers and reactors in vacuum service. The configuration is a double mechanical seal, using a mechanical drive to rotate bearing-grade, synthetic seal faces against fixed, hardened stainless steel seal faces. The... [See More]

  • Plastics: PTFE, Strengthened
  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Application: Agitator or Mixer