Output:Other Tilt Sensors Datasheets

Electronic Angle and G-Force Sensor -- DHS-SP-001
from Comus International

ELECTRONIC HYBRID SENSORS. Tip-over/angle DHS-SP-001 : configurable micro controlled tip-over sensor with power mosfet output [See More]

  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Supply Voltage: 9 to 24
  • Tilt Range: 50 to 70
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 158
Inclinometers -- 223-1573-ND [G-NSDOG2-002 from TE Connectivity]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Supply Voltage: 8 to 30
  • Tilt Range: 45
Precision Analog Inclinometer -- LSOX Series
from Jewell Instruments, LLC

The LSOX Series Inclinometer is a rugged, high performance, single-axis tilt sensor designed for peak performance in extreme conditions. The fluid damped mechanism delivers superior noise rejection in high shock and vibration environments as well as excellent output stability. Units are available... [See More]

  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Type: Pendulum
  • Form Factor: Sensor / Transducer
  • Tilt Range: -90 to 90
Single Axis Inclinometer + Switch Output -- SB1S
from Rieker, Inc.

The SB1S sensor box is packaged in a solid and compact pressure-cast aluminum housing with an integrated sensor for single axis inclination or acceleration measurements. Within the box are 2 sections: An amplifier with a 0 …5VDC output signal; and a separate highly stable power supply for the... [See More]

  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 185
  • Form Factor: Sensor / Transducer
  • Output: Analog
from HL-Planartechnik GmbH

Two coding switches for digital setting of the symmetrical alarm threshold [See More]

  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Type: Electrolytic
  • Form Factor: Sensor / Transducer
  • Tilt Range: -10 to 10
from Lamerholm Electronics, Ltd.

Simple, moisture-proof, tamperproof, non-resettable, auto-arm feature [See More]

  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Number of Axes: 1
  • Tilt Range: 75 to 85
  • Accuracy: 5
Omnidirectional Tilt & Vibration Sensor -- SQ-SEN-200 Series
from SignalQuest, Inc.

RoHS compliant, lead-free SMD package. Description The SQ-SEN-200 sensor acts like a normally closed switch which chatters open and closed as it is tilted or vibrated. Unlike other rolling-ball sensors, the 200 is truly an omnidirectional movement sensor. It will function regardless of how it is... [See More]

  • Trigger: Tilt Sensor
  • Supply Voltage: 0.5000 to 12
  • Form Factor: Element / Chip
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 185