Form Factor:Other VME, VPX, and VXI Products Datasheets

MVME8100 High Performance Power VME64x/VXS board -- MVME8100
from Artesyn Embedded Technologies

The MVME8100 is a high performance 6U VME/VXS SBC featuring the Freescale P5020 QorIQ processor supporting high speed DDR3-1333MHz with ECC. It offers expanded IO and memory features with PCIe and SRIO fabric connectivity and multiple USB, Serial and Ethernet ports. Memory includes up to 8GB DDR3,... [See More]

  • Card Format: 6U
  • Technology: VME64x
  • Product Type: Controller / Processor
  • Operating System: Linux; VxWorks®
High Perform. Switching Matrix Systems -- VX Series
from Cytec Corporation

The VX Series of low-cost, versitile switching systems use a modular concept of switch modules, display modules and control modules which can be assembled into VX/256 Mainframes as matrices, multiplexers, or individual relays. [See More]

  • Card Format: 128x2
  • Technology: VX/256
  • Product Type: Switch
  • Operating System: Windows® 95/98 (optional feature); Windows® NT (optional feature); Windows® 2000 (optional feature); Windows® XP (optional feature)
ATCA test extender 8U -- 114EXT8040-0XXX
from ELMA Electronic Inc.

The ATCA extender board extends both the power and IPMB (Intelligent Platform Management Bus) signals. With a 10-layer stripline design, the extender is. designed for the full populated fabric slot (5 ZD connectors, P20 thru P24) and the power connector J10. The Zone 3 section is served by a blind... [See More]

  • Card Format: 8U X 400mm
  • Technology: ATCA
  • Product Type: Extender
  • Operating System: None
Card Guide for 1101.1 Subrack, PK of 12 -- CG1-220/12
from Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.

Provide easy installation and repositioning without special tools [See More]

  • Card Format: 220mm
  • Technology: VME; VME64; VME160; VME320
  • Product Type: Card Guide
12 SPDT Latching 20GHz Relays -- SM7012L
from VTI Instruments Corporation

The SM7013L and the SM7016L are part of the SMIPII ™ family, offering the extensive control and interfacing features provided by SMIPII ™. Microwave relay technology has been pioneered to offer density, modularity and cost benefits. The SM7013L houses three latching, self-terminated 20... [See More]

  • Card Format: SMIP//™ Card
  • Technology: VXI
  • Product Type: Switch
  • Operating System: None